1/27/14 3:00 AM

Olya had to leave early, so I did not get to meet her at the event.

1/27/14  3:00 AM Yesterday was the second (last) meet and greet.  It was, as predicted, much better than the first one.  My opening changed from Name > Job > Lifestyle to Name > Age > Serious Intent > Have girls … Continue reading

1/25/14 11:30 PM

Ukraine Woman in high heels

… Ukrainian Women often wear dresses and high heels… 1/25/14  11:30 PM I somehow misplaced this notebook and it ended up in TDH’s luggage.  Very strange.  So much to catch up on!  We went to a market where I purchased … Continue reading

1/24/14 8:20 AM


1/24/14  8:20 AM Breakfast is served by the hotel from 8-11.  Apparently I’m the first one up.  Be sure to bring chapstick if you’re going in the winter.  Lack of [drinkable] water from the tap may dry you out. I … Continue reading

1/22/14 6:00 p.m.


1/22/14  6:00 p.m. Plane arrived slightly delayed.  Found out that having a socket-splitter makes you popular in airport waiting lobbies.  Will consider an extension/splitter in the future.  After a quick observation it surprises me that out of ~50 people only … Continue reading

1/22/14 3:00 PM


… Ukrainian Mother of two and her husband… 1/22/14  3:00 PM It’s almost 3:00, the plane leaves at 6:00.  Already checked through security and waiting /w/ the other early-birds.  Flying United Airlines.  1 checked bag is free.  Mine is empty … Continue reading

Seth is Back

Ukraine woman profile

Sorry for the delay everyone.  There were some technical issues with the website that was not allowing me to log in or post.  They have resolved, for now, and so I’ll give you quick rundown that should hopefully answer some … Continue reading

Finishing Up Packing

Sevastapol blonde with child

… even the Moms in Ukraine are hot… I’m feeling good today.  Got up all by myself without an alarm.  Was told yesterday that the Discovery Channel show was actually some [redacted].  That pissed me off.  A lot.  Called the … Continue reading

Regarding Choosing Profiles…

Svetlana Russian - C

I’ve mentioned before that narrowing the number of girls down to 20-30 is a difficult decision.  This is mostly because I don’t want to narrow it down…I want to meet them all!  I know I can’t feasibly do it.  Sometimes … Continue reading