Couples: a comparison

Couples 2 - Copy

… Americans … Rather than start off with the photo of some Goddess from Ukraine or Siberia, I thought that I would first insert a Midwestern reality check.  Have a look above.  Sadly, today, this is the reality for maybe … Continue reading

Five reasons to visit Ukraine

Two blonde Ukrainian Women - Copy

What excuse do you need to visit Ukraine other than beautiful Women?  In this post we have a look at 5 beautiful Women in Ukraine and I have to say, not only are they beautiful, but feminine as well.  I … Continue reading

1/25/14 11:30 PM

Ukraine Woman in high heels

… Ukrainian Women often wear dresses and high heels… 1/25/14  11:30 PM I somehow misplaced this notebook and it ended up in TDH’s luggage.  Very strange.  So much to catch up on!  We went to a market where I purchased … Continue reading

1/24/14 12:00 AM

Odessa women at night

… two Ukrainian Women… 1/24/14  12:00 AM I finally connected with TDH, off of the 10 hour flight.  Was not a bad flight overall.  Turns out TDH is participating after a few months of contemplation.  Because we have overlapping professions … Continue reading

1/23/14 3:00 PM

Two Sevastopol beauties

… two Beautiful Ukrainian Women at a bus stop… 1/23/14  3:00 PM Managed to sleep a good 6 hours or so on the flight.  Woke up 1.5 hours before landing, just in time for breakfast.  DCT recommends sleeping extra in … Continue reading

Seth is Back

Ukraine woman profile

Sorry for the delay everyone.  There were some technical issues with the website that was not allowing me to log in or post.  They have resolved, for now, and so I’ll give you quick rundown that should hopefully answer some … Continue reading

Finishing Up Packing

Sevastapol blonde with child

… even the Moms in Ukraine are hot… I’m feeling good today.  Got up all by myself without an alarm.  Was told yesterday that the Discovery Channel show was actually some [redacted].  That pissed me off.  A lot.  Called the … Continue reading

Odessa Beauty

Odessa Beauty in high heels

Well, its been a little while since we’ve had some photos up of some beautiful Eastern European Women so I thought that I’d start the Spring season off with this high-heeled long-legged beauty.  I was at the park at the … Continue reading

Two Russians and a Ukrainian

Russian Woman in snow

It has been a while since I’ve put up some Eastern European eye-candy.  Took the above photo nearly a decade ago in St. Petersburg.  I sure do love how Eastern European Women dress.  Even in the winter they wear beautiful … Continue reading