Doctor Phil in Russia


This post may – at first – seem a bit disjointed, come along for a few minutes and let me see if I can make my point. For the last month, an idea has been bouncing around in my head … Continue reading

To be happy, we must admit women and men aren’t ‘equal’

Suzanne Venker

I was listening to a debate on AM radio about this article and I decided to share it with you.  After I read it I thought that this just about sums up what I think; I share it in its … Continue reading

Hate Mail and Random Thoughts


… Ukrainian Woman – compare to the American woman at the bottom of this post … Who could have thought that writing a blog could be so difficult?  I go on vacation with my lovely Russian Girlfriend and when I … Continue reading

Baby-Daddy don’t want me no more


It has been a while since we’ve looked at some Western Women’s profiles.  In case you haven’t heard of the new phenomenon “co-parenting,” have a look at this profile.  In co-parenting, some women, who (for whatever reasons) can’t find a … Continue reading

I’m not a Diva!

Texas beauties

I’m planning a hunting trip with a buddy and I was looking through Craig’s List for some hunting ranches and I came upon this ad from a woman in rural Texas who’s looking for love.  Have you ever been to … Continue reading

Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity and Equality


… a Western man on a date with a Ukrainian woman in Odessa, Ukraine… Have you ever really thought about these concepts and what the mean?  These phrases have become such an integral part of our society and speech that … Continue reading

A letter from Matt


… a Western man with a date & interpreter in Odessa’s walking district… Just rec’d this email from Matt and he agreed to let me post it. Thanks for the input Matt, I’ll answer your questions in the form of comment … Continue reading

Little boy on the airplane


On my last flight, a little boy, about two or three years old screamed uncontrollably for about 4 hours. The mother’s solution was to hold him, coddle him, hush him and plead for him to be quiet. So long as … Continue reading

I’m beautiful!


Been busy courting a beautiful 27-year-old Ukrainian Woman for the past week and haven’t paid much attention to the blog.  But something I saw today made me put on my writing cap. As if you didn’t need any more reasons … Continue reading