Pregnant and Dating


Where do I even begin? I was at a buddy’s lake house for the weekend and as we had some beers and a bar-b-que I was flipping through the channels. I saw that Titanic was about to start and I … Continue reading

Baby-Daddy don’t want me no more


It has been a while since we’ve looked at some Western Women’s profiles.  In case you haven’t heard of the new phenomenon “co-parenting,” have a look at this profile.  In co-parenting, some women, who (for whatever reasons) can’t find a … Continue reading

I’m not a Diva!

Texas beauties

I’m planning a hunting trip with a buddy and I was looking through Craig’s List for some hunting ranches and I came upon this ad from a woman in rural Texas who’s looking for love.  Have you ever been to … Continue reading

Entertain ME!


Let’s meet Angela.  She’s from New York City.  That’s the first strike against her – unless you’re looking for fast and free sex, in my opinion, women from Los Angeles, New York, DC and San Francisco are the bottom of … Continue reading

Enviornmental Stewardship


Before I had commented on some of the danger signs to look for in Western women including overeating and too much emphasis on pets and yoga. I suppose that I failed one that is very important: over-concern for the environment. … Continue reading

Never make fun of fat girls


Mom always told me that I shouldn’t make fun of fat people or ugly people & I’ve generally stuck to that advice. But what about fat women who think they are God’s gift to the planet? Or how about women … Continue reading

Make me some eggs!


If I only had more time for this blog I could make ten posts a day.  These crazy American women make it so easy. I wanted to type about Odessa in Ukraine, about Belarus (love Minsk) and about my travels … Continue reading

I’m beautiful!


Been busy courting a beautiful 27-year-old Ukrainian Woman for the past week and haven’t paid much attention to the blog.  But something I saw today made me put on my writing cap. As if you didn’t need any more reasons … Continue reading

My eHarmony membership


The first post in what will be a weekly comparison… Let’s compare a Ukrainian woman who is looking for a relationship to one from the West. I’ll be using the terms “American woman” and “Western woman” interchangeably as they are … Continue reading