Crazy and Spoiled Western Women

… Looking primarily at the online profiles and presence of Western Women…


Lauren Gray on shapely women
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Lauren Gray, a somewhat “regular” reader of this site posted a comment on the post “Spot the Fat Girl” wherein she agreed with some of what I wrote, but considers some of what I wrote “outrageous.” And I’ll admit, maybe … Continue reading



The List
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… Young American women showing their class in a march on DC … Over the next few weeks I’m going to discuss a bit about how feminism has taken such a hold on Western society that it is now institutionalized. … Continue reading


23529578.hugephoto - Copy04 March 2013 – Men as an accessory – She must be very unattractive to only want to make her man happy.  At least that is what most American women would tell you.  Suggest to a Western woman that you’ve met a woman who’s number one goal is to make her man happy and you’ll probably get some snide remark about the woman.  Well, I’ll let her photo speak for itself… click here to read more

Ukrainian man with his girlfriend on his arm, Sevastopol, Ukraine

22 December 2012 – I can carry my own luggage – I remember her words, “I’ll carry my own luggage.”  As if my assistance to her was some sort of insult to her feminism.  An insult to her independence.  An insult to her strength as a Woman… click here to read more


doesn't even need to use his X-ray vision

27 August 2011 – Be “the” Man – Are you used to sharing command with your western girlfriend?  Don’t even try that with an Eastern Woman – they will eat you for dinner.  Eastern Women are used to men acting like the boss… click here to read more


she does not look 41 years old

30 January 2011  – Raise my child, pay my bills – last night when I heard “co-parenting,” I thought that something just didn’t quite sound right.  From a man’s point of view, let’s analyze this:  You get to have a child.  If you want to be a dad, that’s a plus.  You get no sex out of the deal.  No girlfriend, no wife, no sex, you just jerk off into a jar.  Hmm, let’s go with a minus in that category … click here to read more

have kids and save the world

30 July 2011 – Environmental Stewardship – When a woman is more worried about global warming than her man, run for the door! …. click here to read more





26 December 2011 – Entertain ME! – Let’s meet Angela.  She’s from New York City.  That’s the first strike against her – unless you’re looking for fast and free sex, in my opinion, women from Los Angeles, New York, DC and San Francisco are the bottom of the barrel…  click here to read more



Western Man dating in Ukraine

08 December 2011 – Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity and Equality – Men, don’t get married to make “her” happy.  Do it to make you happy.  Don’t bend to the pressures of society and family…  click here to read more




31 September 2010 – Never make fun of Fat Girls – I think she’s trying to put out the “fun” (easy) vibe with this shot. All I see is a dive bar gang-bang… click here to read more





03 September 2010 – Make me some eggs! – This fat girl wants her man to cook for her…  click here to read more





31 August 2009 – I’m Beautiful! – I’ll just post her description of the man she is looking for and then her photo.  I’ll let you be the judge – am I being too harsh or is this woman delusional? …. click here to read more



The natural order of things

16 August 2009
 – Signs the West has it all Wrong – Men come to the Ukraine because they want to meet an Eastern Women.  They don’t want a fat American/European woman with feminist snobbery and the arrogance that comes with so much man-hating… click here to read more



22 July 2011 – My eHarmony Membership – Comparing Ukrainian and American Women…. click here to read more




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