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Irene from Kiev

Another successful marriage
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Actually, three more bite the dust. I was going through this site checking some links and I noticed that many of the profiles that I had highlighted on this blog were no longer active. It seems that a great many … Continue reading


31 July 2013 – Tatiana – Looking at her profile further, we see that she is 28 years old, studied economics in University and now works as a manager in some capacity. She lists her religion as Christian and most importantly, she writes this in the section “what she is looking for in a partner”: Hi! I’d like us to have mutual feelings, be friends, respect and trust each other. I have a very strong desire to have a family, to feel the care of my partner. And also to give love and affection to my other half. To make each other happy)…  click here to read more

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19 May 2013 – Victoria from Kiev – I’ve got another reason for you to go East – if you haven’t been to Eastern Europe yet, what are you waiting for?  This is Victoria who lives in Kiev, Ukraine.  She’s looking for a Western Man to start a new life with.…  click here to read more

03 May 2013 – Zilla – Our guide started telling us about this mega-hog that was shot that weighed in the thousands of pounds.  It was named Hog-zilla, a playful pun off of the reptile that smashes Japanese cities when he has nothing better to do.  We pulled up some photos of the legendary Hogzilla and it was indeed massive.…  click here to read more

30 April 2013 – Anna from Odessa – Two or three years ago I went with some buddies to a party and a friend of a friend brought his Ukrainian girlfriend, who just happens to be this very Anna.  She and the Western Man were dating but I guess it didn’t work out between them and it looks like she is back on the market!.…  click here to read more

25 October 2012 – Men as an accessory – Her profile reads: I was born to make YOU happy… Hi! I’m positive, optimistic, hard-working. The biggest value for me is family, that’s why I am here and I believe that could meet my man with whom I will be happy and who will be happy and loved with me.…  click here to read more

25 October 2012 – Sabina – She is 34 years old, a non-smoker, is family oriented (for those of you that have never spoken to an Eastern European Woman before, that means she wants to have children) and considers herself “optimistic” and caring…  click here to read more

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