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… Hot Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European Women; many shot from my own camera…

To all Russian Moms

Russian Mom 1Recently, my Wife and I were on a road trip and we pulled over at a park near the interstate for a walk to stretch our legs. We saw a group of Moms and their kids feeding ducks near a … Continue reading



April wedding

Taking Sand to the Beach
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I’m not one for introductions so I thought I’d just start out by writing a post. Scott’s been buggin me for some time and I finally had an idea. We met in Moscow or in Chicago. Can’t remember, but he … Continue reading



26 June 2013 – Ramblings from Russia – … as I’ve said again and again: you can’t go 50 yards (or meters) in Russia (or Ukraine) without seeing a dozen beautiful women. I went out from the apartment and just in a block’s distance, I saw more beautiful women than I will see in a month in a Midwest city in the US…  click here to read more

28 May 2013 – What is it? – It has breasts, but then again, some large men do have breasts. It has tattoos & piercings, but does that define sex any more? I looked again, I studied for some time and I really couldn’t determine if it was man or woman.…  click here to read more

21 March 2013 – Odessa Beauty – A few trips ago, I was talking to an American and a Brit in the airport in Warsaw and the American guy commented, “It’s almost as if God made the perfect ass mold and then all of the Ukrainian Women were pressed into it at birth.”  click here to read more

12 October 2012 – Baby-Daddy don’t want me no more – Back to our 18-year-old wanna-be sperm dish: does this woman think that any man in his right mind would want anything to do with her?  What trash!  Can you imagine a call from the District Attorney looking for child support for your spawn with this uneducated social loser?…  click here to read more

10 October 2012 4 Minsk Hotties – Here are a few pics of some Belorussian beauties that I saw downtown.  There were so many I couldn’t pull the trigger on the camera quick enough.…  click here to read more

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12 September 2012 Reverse Boris – I saw a beautiful & thin woman on the arm of a poindexter looking fellow who not only appeared to be “average” in looks and style (by Ukrainian standards), but this guy was as skinny as Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory…  click here to read more

01 September 2012 Two Russians and a Ukrainian – It has been a while since I’ve put up some Eastern European eye-candy.  Took the above photo nearly a decade ago in St. Petersburg.  I sure do love how Eastern European Women dress.  Even in the winter they wear beautiful coats… click here to read more

13 February 2012  Two Pairs of Hot Ukrainian Women – The photo above is two waitresses from a walking street restaurant; they are just off of work and are converting some of their tips at the currency exchange…  click here to read more

25 January 2012 Leather and Boots – I decided to use a vacation to find out if the Eastern Women were as beautiful as advertised.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they are.  I shot the above photo in Lviv, Ukraine…  click here to read more

01 January 2012 Spot the fat girl – Have a look at the ladies in the photo above and below and compare them to the women you see in your town’s local Wal Mart.  I’m sure you get the idea…  click here to read more

21 December 2011 Russian and Ukrainian Beauties – The photo above is a Russian Woman I photographed through the glass of a bus stop window in Yekaterinburg.  She is typical of the Russian Women of Siberia…  click here to read more

23 August 2009 My eyes are burning! – “My eyes are burning,” was the text I received from my English friend as he arrived back at Heathrow Airport in London. Apparently the size and shape of the UK women was a drastic and startling change from the Ukrainian beauties that he had been looking at for the last two weeks…  click here to read more

11 August 2009 Three Blonde Beauties – My buddy “London” said that no one at home can understand the “big deal” with Ukraine. Uless you’ve been here to see how many beautiful (and thin) women that are here, it’s really hard to understand. We all nodded in agreement. I’ll do my best to help get the idea across…  click here to read more

08 August 2009 Two Beauties on Deribasivskaya – All day you can watch the Odessa high-heeled beauties as they carefully manuever across Gretski street; the cobble-stone pavement is tricky for the high heels – the women walk from stone to stone making sure not to get their heels stuck…  click here to read more

05 August 2009 Tall Brunette in Heels  I can’t imagine ever getting tired of looking at all of these beautiful Ukrainian Women.  As I look at all of the fat matches that eHarmony proposes to me each day I want to just puke.  Sure, Ukraine has its high maintenance bitches as well but at least they aren’t the size of elephants….  click here to read more

19 July 2009 Hot Ukrainian Woman of the Day  This woman is so hot and she’s typical of the Women in Ukraine.  She was walking the same direction I was and I could hardly believe it when she went into McDonalds…  click here to read more

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  1. there is no other place on this planet than Odessa from July to mid August! what 10 of these birds have on their bodies wont be enough for you…

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