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Elena: Anatomy of a Scammer
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… Elena, a bona fide Ukraine dating scammer… Of all of the topics that I’ve written about on the subject of dating Eastern European Women, the topic that I’m most often asked about are my own personal dating experiences. How … Continue reading

Anastasiadate spam scam update
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Only a week ago today I posted a review of the scam site I hadn’t checked my emails this week and when I logged in today I was quite surprised to see that my mailbox was full of letters … Continue reading


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WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

Agency Review:
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Dear Scott, You have new e-mails in your Anastasia International mailbox. 10 credits will be deducted from your account for each letter you read. Sometime back I wrote a review of the overall dating agency process wherein I described some of … Continue reading


27 April 2014 Is she real.. or is it a fake profile and you are writing a letter factory? –  When I first got on the site.. I was laughing like a kid in a candy store.. How could soooo many freak’n hot women be in one place??  I could not believe what I was seeing, and every profile read like this… 5’7″, 114 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Masters Degree, wants to find significant other…  click here to read more

21 December 2011 No Game Whatsoever – If you look at these photos and you don’t believe that these guys have a chance in hell of marrying one of these women you have to wonder, how did they come to have dates with these women? …  click here to read more

06 August 2009 How the Scam Works – As I watch each day, so many 65-year-old, overweight American, Aussie and British men go out on dates with these spectacular looking Ukrainian women – women who are only 22 or 23 years old, I can’t help but roll my eyes and think how clueless these guys are...  click here to read more

31 July 2009 The Ukrainian Strip Club – I bid fair warning to any man who considers dating an Eastern European Woman by means of darting agencies. The process is so rife with corruption and full of bastards who will take every dollar, euro and grievna that they can get their hands on…  click here to read more

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10 thoughts on “Marriage Dating Scams

    • Just read this comment.
      I keep hearing about these Siberian girls! Even from other guys that have traveled to Russia. I’ll have to visit the place after my trip to Ukraine next year.

  1. *** Scott’s comment: Ron, you don’t say which site you’re complaining about but in reading your comment it looks like you are calling Anastasia as a scam site? Please follow up on this comment to clarify. ***

    I want to tell my story. I am very frustrated about this site. I spend thousand dollars every month but as it turned out for nothing. Girls at this site are real but this is only one positive thing at this site. I met many girls but they are interested only in money. But I want to tell you about one girl. Olga id 1692081very cute girl with amazing eyes. I was in Odessa when I saw her in chat. We met in seceral hours, she said that she doesn’t know English, so she came with her interpreter. It was a nice evening, so we decided to continue knowing each other. We communicated every day, I liked her a lot, so I came to visit her again soon. As she doesn’t know English all the time she was with her interpreter but I noticed that she didn’t want to stay with me just together even for 10 minutes. She was my baby, so we did what she wanted and she had what she wanted. When I left a lot of problems happened to her. Problems with job, university, family. Of course, I helped all the time she asked. The only request was that anastasiadate shouldn’t know I sent her money. It was a big secret. I came for the fird time, so I hoped we could spend some time together, at the beach or shopping,but no! The only one good thing was that I gave her my Skype and asked her to communicate there. I left and we continue our communication in chat and at least we met in Skype. As she doesn’t know English her interpreter helped us. It was a great conversation, I heard her voice, I saw her in cam and it was for free, finily)))) but what happened then!))) she called me back and what do you think?)))) she spoked English with me. She knows English pretty well. We spoke and we understand each other. She said that it was the rule of her agency that she had to be with her interpreter every date and she had to say that she doesn’t know English! She was very happy finily to speak directly to me. She said that she was very serious about me and that next time her mother want to see me! Also she added that she would leave this site because she want to be with me!!! But she was very sad because her mother was fired, so she needed money. Sure I sent her more money, because we were almost a family. She left the site but more and more problems happened to her every day! I have some problems at job too, so I couldn’t send her money for some time and she disappeared((( I found her on an erotic sites, where she shows her body to everyone who asked!!! As it turned out she never works on her father and she didn’t even study at the university. All the time she work at those site, even when she date me! She gets good money for that job. And she speaks English with men there. I spent so much money at Anastasiadate but they even don’t check there girls. I gave her enough money. I gave her all the time she asked, I can’t understand why she was with me and shew her body to other men. The last thing that made me write here that she is on Anastasiadate again and she English level is bigginer. Be careful, don’t be as fool as I was. Don’t trust that girls!!!
    P.S. nickname-JustLoveMe(the girl with a perfect body and very seldom show her face)))) but you can see that this is she!)
    porn site address redacted

      • Paul,I can tell for sure that it was she. I met her personal. And nobody can steal her photos, because she read an agreement on a video for anastasiadate. She knows that she is on site. I communicated with her and I dated her. So it was just all about money

          • I know this but when you want to create your profile on anastasiadate and if you are a woman one on the rule that you have a make a movie, where you will say that you want and agree to make a profile on there site. After our dates I saw her again, so she had to make that movie, so that means that it is she. And she knows that she is on there site.

    • @Ron ,

      Looking at the urls , I see that they are all , sites in Holland.Tell me , did you really see her online , in a webcam show??

      Or are you concluding , that seeing her picture , as one of the ladies , on the site , is enough evidence for you ??
      Personally , I would not be surprised , if her pictures were stolen , from another site , and have been used here , as a good looking sexy lady.

      It will not surprise you , that the same thing is happening , on other erotic sites too.And I believe , that it will continue.
      So , does this clarify , that you don`t see her face , when she is actually performing , in front of the cam ??

      And like Scott has asked , to which site are you referring ??


  2. The biggest problem that I wrote the anastasiadate and I told them that she knows English and she is just a scammer but they do nothing. That is sad.

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