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… My foreign dating experiences and those of some of the other writers…

Gentlemen, start your engines!

11 weeksA few weeks ago, I came home to find that my Wife had cooked a wonderful dinner. She put out the nice dishes and crystal glasses and she even had a bottle of champagne. I suddenly had a sinking feeling, … Continue reading



A two-headed eagle, the national symbol of Russia, is seen in front of the supermoon as it rises over the towers of Historical Museum in Moscow

How is it going?
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I logged in to check my WWS email inbox and I see quite a few letters in there. I tried to respond to those that needed responding and had some side chats with a few guys (and one girl) who … Continue reading



First post from George
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George emailed me a few months back after he had read some of Seth’s posts and he expressed some interest in being a guest writer. I told him that I had considered “opening the floor” to anyone who wanted to … Continue reading



Trip Report Kiev
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I just wanted to take a quick moment and let everyone know how things are going in Ukraine.  I just wrapped up a few days in Kiev on my way to work in Europe.  It was a good trip that … Continue reading


16 April 2014 – First and Second Tier Women – Women who will make the best wife material, the First Tier women, are swamped by marriage minded men in Western society. Their defining characteristics are (at least, in my eyes) their EARLY LIFE application of the standards of a biblical marriage: Supporting their husband and family, being gentle and well spoken, and, as they get older, having a delightful combination of intelligence and maturity to accompany their innocence.  Everygirl else is, simply put, a Second Tier woman...  click here to read more

13 October 2013 – You’re so Lucky – … Does she mean that, as an “average” looking guy, I am lucky to have found such a beautiful woman to love me? I wasn’t sure. My brain raced quickly and I replied, “I’m not lucky, I’m smart.”…  click here to read more

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26 June 2013 – Ramblings from Russia – … as I’ve said again and again: you can’t go 50 yards (or meters) in Russia (or Ukraine) without seeing a dozen beautiful women. I went out from the apartment and just in a block’s distance, I saw more beautiful women than I will see in a month in a Midwest city in the US…  click here to read more

3 June 2013 – I’m a Feminist I was raised a feminist having lived my whole life in a country that advocates for and brainwashes men, women and children into thinking that the feminist mindset is the correct and proper way of thinking  click here to read more

14 February 2013 – Visas for Everyone – Alana’s family was notified at the conclusion of the interview that their visas were approved and their passports would be delivered via DHL in a day or two.  Two days later, she emailed me a photo of her new American Visa, and get this – IT IS GOOD FOR 3 YEARS!  Yup, a United States, 3 year, multi-entry Visa!  click here to read more

10 January 2013 – Meeting the parents – After the end of the night, on the drive home, my Alana receives a text from her mother and father that says only one Russian word – the word can best be described as “delighted.”  click here to read more

25 November 2012 – Alana – I can’t say that I’ve ever had a more natural and spontaneous connection with a woman in my whole life  click here to read more

22 April 2012  If it was easy, everyone would do it finding a foreign woman isn’t easy, if it was, every Joe in the West would have a Svetlana or Ekaterina on his arm…  click here to read more

17 November 2011 Can’t speak Russian?  No Problem! – I’ve said before to only date English speaking Easter European Women. But if you find a woman that you like and you want to ditch your interpreter – you might give this a try…  click here to read more

31 July 2009 The Ukrainian Strip Club – I wrote to one girl for a year and when I arrived she disappeared. Many of the girls that I wrote to – once I met them in person – couldn’t tell what they had said or even know who wrote first…  click here to read more

28 July 2009 Picking and Choosing – After 5 dates with the Heather Graham look-alike she wanted to move the relationship to the “next level.” At this point it was either dump or get off of the pot and I had to decide if this was “the” girl for me…  click here to read more

25 July 2009 The Bird Dog – the Babushka (Grandmother) asked for my phone number.  She swore up and down that her beautiful daughter would just love me…  click here to read more

22 July 2009 The One Eye’d Man – In the land of the blind, the one eye’d man is King.  In the East, the Western Man is King…  click here to read more

19 July 2009 I’ve Kissed my Second Ukrainian Woman This Week – I’ve been in Odessa for a few days and on day 3 I had my first “arranged” date with a Ukrainian girl.  She is 27 and is a university graduate.  She has golden blonde hair and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen…  click here to read more

17 July 2009 $350 For Seven Dates – Carl and his friends are traveling from city to city meeting hundreds of women each weekend. He tells me about a “social” that is to begin in 90 minutes. I sit riveted listening to the details.…  click here to read more

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4 thoughts on “Foreign dating experiences

  1. Hello, I am glad to see I am not alone. For years my travels have taken me all over the world and the women in other countries blow the doors of American women any day of the week. I would come home to America after each trip hating U.S. breed women a little more each time. Realizing what a fool I was thinking it would ever work again honestly with an American woman I gave up. I did put some effort into finding a woman from Russia who was a knock out. I married her but she showed me the smart side of her beauty and burned me for most of what I had. I protected the larger things but the cash she took all of it. I was truly disappointed by this and have ever since had a fear of trying again. But to fight the fear and love the beauty is a tough battle to have when European women are so much better. I am thinking of trying again and there was a quote you said about how to think with the right head this is so true. You can get in trouble if you not careful or foolish because of the beauty and wreck it for yourself. Thanks for posting all that you do on here it make me feel better to think I am not the only fool as American women put it for searching for a real women elsewhere.

    • Hey Andy, thanks for the reply. Glad to have you on board. I’m in East Europe now meeting some lovely ladies – seeing if I can find Mrs. Right. I don’t know if I could live over here, the women are so beautiful, it would be a constant temptation. It is amazing how beautiful the women are.

      As for protecting yourself, what you need to do is set up an irrevocable trust. I set one up and put all my assets into it. Prenup or not, I’m worth $5 on paper and if I ever get divorced she won’t have a thing of mine. I plan(ned) to post about how they work, I’ll get to it in time. If anyone is interested in setting one up, send me an email and I’ll send you a link to a lawyer that can sent one up.

      Be sure to drop by from time to time and check out the updates.

  2. There is no doubt that East Europe women make US women look like garbage in every catagory of life. It is night and day. To compare is a joke. It is like a Cobra racing a Volkswagen. It’s just ridiculous.

    Ok, but what is the next step? How do you see this situation? What I want to express is this – these women in the Far East, Latin America or East Europe are the best women on earth. So as a man, you need to step up and live up to that if you want to be with them. Yes, some are in a tough spot and come from countries that are poor or on the edge of war, but be a man and step up to their love and character, not their desperate situation. This opportunity is incredibly to be with a very sincere, loving, genuine, romantic, sexy woman who will love you dearly.

    If you are a selfish jerk, then you are no better than the ridiculous American women we criticize here. This is not a fantasy. It is real, but in all things in real life, it takes work. Doing a Marriage Visa or Fiancee Visa will cost money. There will be flights and hotels and gifts. Don’t be a lazy jerk if you value this. Get online and learn some culture and history and find out some things about her town.

    Study Russian, it isn’t that hard. What I do is get Pimsleur language CD’s from the library. I spin them in the laptop and load them to ITunes. Then I put them on my IPOD and practice when I have a few minutes. I probably study a half hour a day. It is better to be consistent than study for hours and hours. Do a half hour every day. You will learn VERY FAST! Forget Rosetta Stone, it is a marketing scam. No one actually learns language on that garbage. Many libraries have language online programs too. All of it is free. Just like the dating sites, you don’t need to pay for shit.

    Anyway, what I am trying to say is find a girl who is worthy, but then step up and don’t be a selfish jerk. Be a gentleman. Work hard. Be romantic. Don’t just be unimaginative either. Yes, buy her flowers, nice ones, don’t be cheap. But also do other stuff. Find songs or poems that fit your situation and send them to her. Relate! You will love it if you make the effort!

    Real masculinity isn’t bench pressing 300 pounds or acting tough. Imagine Chris Isaak, he is very masculine, AND he expresses his feelings very sweetly, plays guitar, whatever. Do it! Be romantic! It is very masculine! Ukraine women have perfected being women and feminine, but they need to bounce off your masculinity to truly feel themselves. Do it! Learn to dance! You don’t need to be expert. Take a couple lessons, that is good enough. Make the effort, she will be blown away and love you forever! It is a small price to pay! It will be the best effort you ever made! Do it!

    Most of these Ukrainian women have deep souls. They don’t care about age or looks. They care about heart and soul. So have heart and soul! Be sincere! Forget about other women. Focus on her. Whatever it takes. Meditate. Be thankful for life. Treat her like she is the only woman on earth. You won’t be disappointed. She is well worth it, believe me!

    Forget everything you have every known about women. Start over. Let go of the resentment of being around American women. Take it out on something else. Smash some watermelons or something, then let it go and start over clean. Don’t project anything onto these Ukraine women. Believe me, you are the one who needs to adjust and catch up, so do it. If you get the right girl, she will be light years ahead of you in everything. It is you that needs to catch up. She already has a heart full of soul, isn’t interested in money, loves children, wants to please you with spirit, works hard, is usually well educated, dresses well, loves romance, ……………….. It is you that has to adjust from a poisonous, spoiled culture that focuses only on freedom and not on responsibility.

    Don’t be intimidated, just step up. If you don’t get something right, keep going, it’s ok. Believe me, she is very forgiving if you are just real and sincere. Be faithful. Be loyal. Be generous. Be devoted. Be romantic. Feel it, it is the best thing in the world to experience!

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