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Russian Mom

#2 Planning a solo trip
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… Typical Russian Mom and her child … This post is co-written by Scott & Mike. The top part is Scott & Mike’s comments are below: Mike gave me a list of 9 items that he thought warranted discussion: topics … Continue reading



Getting a local sim card/phone.. (You need one)
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If you plan to take a trip over to see someone, I highly recommend getting a local phone sim card.  They are incredibly cheap, and well worth the investment for communication when setting up dates. The best way to do …Continue reading



WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

Getting to and around Ukraine
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I wanted to write about this now, because it is the perfect time to travel to Ukraine…  It’s spring there, tourism is down from the protests, and prices are cheap now (just over $1000 round trip to Kiev from the … Continue reading


Is she real.. or is it a fake profile and you are writing a letter factory?

DSC04931 b (5)When I first decided to search for a Ukrainian girl (how that happened is worth another post), I had set up a profile on a Ukrainian dating site other than the one promoted here.  It was through a CupidMedia, affiliation … Continue reading


11 December 2012 – Passports and Visas – If you decide to date an Eastern European Woman, sooner or later you are going to have to deal with passports and visas…  click here to read more

08 October 2012 – Russia relaxes Visa requirements – On 9 September 2012, Russia signed an agreement with America that allows American citizens to obtain a 3 year multi-entry visa…  click here to read more

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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3 thoughts on “Overseas dating advice

  1. You are right that Elena’s Models has probably the best reputation although even there I have had several some scam attempts.

    After spending money on fake responses from Anastasia, I contacted the Maine Attorney General’s Office in Augusta, since they are based in Bangor.
    I got them interested enough to start a criminal investigation against Anastasia, and they would like comments and proof of payment of Anyone scammed by the fake letter writing scheme,
    And especially, affidavits from any past employees that they wrote fake letters that were sold to clients or are personally aware of this.
    Any emails should be sent to. Linda.conti@maine.gov

  2. i have just come back from Ukraine,i was have pay for the Europium Club Client, which is A Foreign Affair, website ,and I had interaction in Kiev for the 7,days ,I have find the are many scams to take care of.
    an of the is,when you get lady thy will come with other lady and that is her friend spiking English,so you have to pay $20,for a hour to be translate,and thy will bring you to an of very expensive restaurant where thy have connection.so you bill may come $200 or more also in the it may take 2,3, hour to side and talk with them, which you have to pay maybe $60,or 80,for the translation.and you will not even get tanks from them..

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