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After many requests to make a “list” of the bogus and legitimate Eastern European dating agencies, I’ve started compiling this list. As time allows, I will add to this list as I conduct additional agency reviews. If you have an agency that you would like reviewed, please send me an email (link on main page) or leave a comment here. Links to the agency writeups are listed below.




You can read a review of Elena’s Models here.


You can read a review of Russian Cupid here:


Russian Cupid review
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The dream of every guy is to meet and marry the perfect woman. Dasha, in the photo above, is a Ukrainian Woman who (at least in the looks department) fits the bill as the “perfect woman.” I’ve written extensively about … Continue reading


WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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  1. Hello,my name is Rodney I live in the uk,i have been researching sites for about six months,and have ended up being totally out of my comfort zone.i am looking to join a proper matchmaking site for marriage.iam a little lost and would appreciate any views. is the above agency any good .thanks for any help regards and best wishes. rodney

    • The link you provided is broken, based on part of the link, I think you’re referring to abelarusbride

      From the best I can tell, a Belorussian Woman, married to an American Man from Ohio have decided to begin their own agency. It certainly looks legitimate and they seem to have some appealing recommendations from apparent previous clients.

      Really, the problem I have is that you can’t contact the woman directly. Everything is funneled through this agency. Now, I’m not saying that they’re dishonest per se, but how would you know? Maybe you’re corresponding with a woman for some time and she decides she doesn’t like you. These folks will get $8 per letter to keep the dream going. Will they do this? I’m not sure.

      I would rather pay a flat fee each month and contact whom i please, when I please.

      Think about this: i’m sure you could go through their catalog and find 25 women you’re interested in emailing. $8 x 25 x how many letters and you’re into the $1,000’s of dollars. And you still don’t have the woman’s email address or phone number.

      I would bet that most of these women are already on Elena’s or Cupid or a similar website. You could probably email 3/4’s of the women on this website for a flat $30 per month through a different agency. So, why deal with a middle man?

  2. Question. What do you think about the AFA (A foreign affiar) site? I’ve heard of Elena’s Models and I do find it to be very reputable, though scammers could operate even there.

    Anyways what’s your opinion on AFA?

    • That’s a good question. I’ve never done a proper review of that agency; I’ve added it to my “to do list.” If I remember correctly, they mostly run tours (I’m no fan of tours) and they limit contact between you and the Women – strictly verboten in my criteria for approval.

      Bottom line that you should use a litmus test for whether or not you should use an agency is this: after you pay your fee, can you get the Woman’s email address, postal address, phone #, Skype contact, etc. without the agency’s permission? If so, I say “go for it.” if you can only send letters through the agency THEN IT IS A SCAM. You won’t be writing to the Woman, you’ll be writing to a fat guy in Kazan who knows just what to tell you to extract the “maximum credits” out of you.

      • I’m not sure myself I haven’t really looked into it/done proper research. I do know they charge per email at about 10 dollars a pop, which is for translations and such apparently, that and all the girls on the site have had their picture taken via professional photographer provided by the company ( I think).

        As for the tours or “romance tours” it’s pretty much a huge social/party from what I heard. I guess you could someone there, but if your going to do that might as well stay at your local club.

        Funny thing about this company is they’ve been all over media. They even have a documentary which I find surprising on Netflix (if you have it) called “Love Me”. It featured both AFA and even Elena’s Models.

        • Bingo: if they charge “per letter,” than their letter writing portion of their business is a scam. And if that is a scam, I’m sure their socials are Women who are paid to attend.

          Pretty much a huge waste of money.

          • The FHDating website addresses this. One of the guys he interviewed said he saw the ukr girls getting paid cash as they were heading out the door at the end of the social event/romance tour.
            It seems like a man would have a better chance meeting someone serious about dating/marriage at a coffee shop or a McDonalds.

          • I met a Woman in front of the McDonald’s in Odessa, Ukraine. She was on holiday from Sevastopol. I went, 6 months later to visit her. While it didn’t work out, she was lovely and beautiful and I had a great time. I just don’t see the reason to pay some schmuck $5k to introduce me to Women. If you need this, perhaps you aren’t in the right mindset to be going over in the first place. I suggest you download and read DeAngelo.

          • Hopefully the Americans on this bog are enjoying their Independence Day!

            $5K for an introduction service. I guess some guys need it. I prefer the more organic approach. Even though I am not a fan of fast food, I have met some young good looking and sweet women at these places outside the US. Judging by the way they look, I guess they don’t eat there every day.
            Ha! Ha! Ha!

            “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”
            -Thomas Jefferson

            Hopefully my response did not post twice.

            My rebellion against these western women and their feminism continues…since I have the right to protect my life, freedom, and happiness.

  3. Well , to tell the truth Scott , it may not be like this , for their socials.Just some stories , from my side.

    In , I believe February of 2014 , here in Holland , on one of the commercial channels , there was the beginning , of a series , named – “From Russia with Love” .
    It was about , Dutch and Belgian men , going over to Ukraine , to seek , their partner or future wife.

    The series would be more like , some sort of documentary , of all the events , that would happen , while these (young) men , were going over there.
    What type of girls/ladies , they would be introduced to.

    How , the dates , and the emotions , would develop , and the impressions , that these men , would get from these encounters.

    There was footage , from the men`s life in Holland , their backgrounds , what sort of job they had.Their reasons , as to , why they wanted to find a woman in Ukraine or Russia.

    Well , at that time , I had just returned , from my second visit to Odessa.
    So , you may understand , why I was very interested , to see the series.
    It , would also give me proof, if I had judged , the character of these ladies , and their approach , to Western men , in a correct way.

    Two Dutch men of around 34 and 58 years , would attend , an AFA social.The first social , would be in Odessa.They got their flight , from Amsterdam to Odessa , and from there on , they went with the tour.

    Which also included Nikoleav , if I`m not mistaken , and another city.
    The producer , had no authority , to film , the other American men , who were also on the tour and the socials.

    The footage , had only , the 2 Dutch men , as the object.The older man , he made contact , with a Ukrainian woman , of about 48 years old.And , I believe , that she was divorced.
    From the first meeting , it looked like , it was going well , between them two.When he came back home , he was Skyping with her , quite some time.

    As , we learned , in the 3rd episode , he went back alone , to see her.And spend more time with her.But , this visit , was not filmed , as you can understand.

    The 34 year old guy , was very impressed , by all the ladies , feminity and natural beauty.And he , really , couldn`t make a choice , on the first social.So , he was making conversations , with many women , and making notes , of their personal contact data (email – phone numbers etc).

    When they would leave for Nikolaev , in the morning , the lady , brought a small present , for the 58 year old man.She said , ” I have small present for you.This is , so , you will not forget about me , when you are , on the next social” .

    And she handed him , a colour photo , from herself.Now , personally , I believe , that this is a very sweet gesture from her.And it also shows , that she is really interested in him.
    The more , that she took the time , and the trouble , to wait for him , outside of the hotel , until he came outside.To go in the bus.

    Yes , the other guys inside the bus, could watch this , as well.It is needless , to say , that he was very much surprised.And that for him , it was not necessary , to attend , the other 2 socials.
    But , he didn`t want to leave his other buddy , to travel alone.And maybe , he was just a bit curious , how the other socials would go.

    In this series , there were also 2 other Dutch young men.They were going to Kiev.They had taken a subscription , at a marriage agency.
    I`m not going , to sum up , all that they did , and the mindset , that they had , when making the preparations , for their trip , and their stay in Kiev.

    But , I can say this.They started out , on a totally wrong and inappropriate , idea , about the women in Ukraine , in general.It is needless , to say , that they returned back home , very disappointed.

    The owner , of the agency , or the producer from the series , did arrange , that 2 of the young girls , who they met , would come to visit them here.The guys , were 26 and 30 years old.

    Only 1 of the girls – 20 years old, wanted to come , to see , how the 30 year old , was , in his daily life.Because , she had some sort of click , with him.So , the agencie`s lady , asked another girl – 23 years old, if she would like to accompany , that girl.

    The girl , who dated the 26 year old guy , didn`t see nothing , in coming over , to see , his daily life routine.

    These guys , they rented , some type of wooden house , in a remote wood area.Well , Holland is not a big country.So , remote is not so dramatic.

    And , they were thinking , that the girls , would already share the bed , with them , on the first night.Talking , about the deception , that they had , when they came back home , it now even got more disastrous , when they learned , that it was not going to happen.

    They also were living , in the far Eastern side, of the country.So , a big distance , away , from Amsterdam.And , when you come to Holland , where do you want to have a city tour ??
    Yes , exactly . Amsterdam.

    The girls , also complained , that the boys , didn`t got them a hotel.Now they were stucked in a remote place , where nothing , was happening.
    The wood , remember ………….

    So , when the tension , was getting a little hot , they decided , to go to Amsterdam by train.And have themselves , a good time.Leaving the guys , frustrated , at home.
    I`m not sure , who gave them the money , to go party in Amsterdam.Maybe the producer.

    So , Ukrainian girls , or ladies , are not easy prey.They still have certain values and traditions.
    Western girls , may sleep with you , on a 3rd or 4th night , after meeting for the first time.Or , when you are on holiday , it may be after some hours.
    And , that is considered , a normal behavior.Also , trying , to make it look , like a normal part of life.Are the apps , that you can put , on your mobile phone , to find a person , to have some sex.

    So , guys , with real intentions , to find a good and loyal wife , should not wait too long.Well , before making the trip , to E Europe.

    That is , when you want to be really happy , for the rest of your life.


    • Great story. So the young Dutch guys were not serious about marriage nor were they capable of financially supporting a family?

      • Hi Seeker ,

        Sorry for the late reply.Personally I believe , that they were serious , about finding a partner in Ukraine.But , some things , they didn`t really gave a good thought.And as a result , they made very wrong decisions , and started out on the risky behaviour.

        Well , can you blame them ??Maybe for some part , yes.When watching , the ladies , on the agencie`s website , the women just look terrific and are just stunning.
        And , for sure , yes , these pictures are photoshopped.Not acknowlidgeing this , can/will lead , to (great) disappointment , when you will meet the women.

        And , this also happened , to them.They were not happy , with the girls.They complained , to Natalya , that they were not so gorgeous , like thos , on the website.
        Their second mistake , was , that the 26 year old , made a sexually tinted joke , in the very first moments , of the first meeting , with the girls.

        You could clearly notice , the horrified expression , on their faces , when they understood , the meaning of it.And still , he was trying , to explain the joke to them.So , at some point , Natalya and a girl , told him , that it is not proper , to do this , at a very first date.

        This sort of things , may be (or are) considered , to be normal , between our circle of friends , in our Western society.With all this mindset , of equality for women.also in the tv show , called Blind Date , some men , will start , to make sexually tinted remarks ,to a woman , that they had never seen before.It is what you are after , and if you really , want to find a partner for life.
        To me , I only can say , that the interaction , between , men and women , in our society , has become completely twisted.

        That is to say , there are still , men and women , who knows , how it should really be.But the young , don`t really know , how it was some 45 years ago.

        What the young guys , also didn`t do , was to learn about the traditions and the culture , of the people from Ukraine.Had they done so , it may have saved them , a lot of frustrations and headache.

        What also , was clear , is that the girls , didn`t want them , to kiss them on the cheek.Well , not when you start with a sex joke.
        Kissing on the lips , with the other girls , who Natalya arranged for them , was also a no-no!

        And , it is not only for the girls in Kiev.The , 34 year old guy , who found a 25 year old in Odessa , also tried , to kiss her on the lips.But , his attempts , also failed.I must add , to this , that he invited her , to come to his hometown.And he , introduced her , to his parents.
        But , she didn`t sleep at his house , but in a hotel.Because , they didn`t know each other , so long , and well.

        This is just , to give you an idea , of how these girls are.Well , obviously , there must be some chemistry , in the first place.And secondly , you should be very honest and confident.

        It is , like I have mentioned , before in other posts.Prepare yourself , for the questions , that she will ask you.Don`t think , that they are silly questions.You may be inclined , to think that , because , in our society , the girls will or not take the time , to ask these things.

        Speaking about myself.I could kiss , my girlfriend , on the lips , after our second date.Just before , she would step into the cab.
        We had only been seeing , each other , for roughly 6 1/2 hours.

        So , was I just lucky , or were there other things in play ???


        • Paul,
          Thanks for explaining. Seems like the guys had good intentions but they didn’t do their research. I guess if they spoke to the girls on video or were able to view their vk profiles, it would solved the photoshopping issue. It’s good to know there are places in the world where civility/manners are rewarded while dating/courting the fairer sex.

  4. The agency the young Dutch guys used was “Marriage by Natali” in Kiev. I believe that there is a link on their website. Watching a TLC show that included her agency is what got me interested in EE women (and ultimately to finding this blog). I have never looked back.

    • I have NEVER met a Man who went to UA/RU and then later said, “Well, its too much trouble, I’ll just stick with an American woman.” Now, I’ve seen a lot off Men that say, “Next year” and never follow through but none that openly say they’re “giving up.”

      That really says a lot to the state of American (Western) women, that when presented with a viable alternative, they are NEVER selected.

      Imagine if we look at competing products. When Toyota, Nissan and Mazda came out, they gave Ford, Chrysler and GM a run for their money. For a while, they lost sales and got better and now there is a healthy competition. But imagine if the domestic car companies never got better. Today, everyone would be driving a Toyota. If we draw this parallel to the marriage scene, we will find that the import (Toyota) is a better made car, gets better mileage, has a better body shape and just makes its owners happier to drive. But, there are severe trade (import) restrictions. To get the Toyota, you have to fly over seas, test drive, make a deposit, wait a year or two and then you get your car. Most other people (women) just go to the Ford dealership and then “foo foo” at the Men driving the Toyota saying, “Oh, he’s just lucky,” or, “He’s no patriot driving that car.” When in reality, the Man got a better deal and has a happier life.

      Now, any Man who flies to Japan, test drives the Toyota, comes back to America and doesn’t pursue the Toyota any more, you’ll never hear him say, “Ford is better,” I chose to drive domestic,” you’ll always hear from him, “I’d sure like to have a Toyota, but I’ll buy it next year.”

      And then, the domestic car companies (women) present barriers to purchase like the insane IMBRA law. Not sure if everyone knows about this law but it requires that any American Man seeking to date a Woman overseas must first submit to a police background check and then he must give EACH foreign Woman that he is courting a copy of his police record and all of his personal data (name, place of birth, address, date of birth), etc. I’ve already seen some shady “marriage agencies” using this law to collect data on American Men for the purposes of fraud. I can’t imagine how much damage a hacker in Kazan, Russia could do with all of your personal & financial data. But, the law wasn’t designed to protect Women who migrate to America, it was designed to derail the process of American Men looking overseas for a bride. All you have to do is look at the list of who wrote and sponsored the law. A bunch of crack-pot feminist groups. In reality, the incidents of domestic violence are much lower for Russian Women and American Men than for many other ethnic groups. Can you imagine the fallout if Congress passed a law that said that all African-American Men must get a police report and submit their personal data before dating American women? Really, where is the outrage?

      I’ll tell you where the outrage is: it is burred under all of the stereotypes about Russian (EE) Women: they only want a green card, Men who look overseas are social undesirable, only sick perverted pedophiles travel overseas to date foreign Women, etc. American women are scared to death of the idea that Men across the West learn of a viable alternative just as Ford would be scared if Toyota produced a better car, with better mileage, that lasted longer and cost less. You would see a huge media campaign bashing Toyotas, laws prohibiting (or severely restricting) their import, etc.

      In the end, when you add it all up, you find that the lazy Men are driving the broken domestic and the smart Men happily drive the better import. And so it is in the marriage world.

      • As the driver of a Ferrari once said, (when confronted with “I buy American” from someone), “I buy whatever I want”. Exactly. I had a “domestic” model for 28 years, this time I’m going for the “import”.

  5. In my opinion, I think to be successful when courting a girl from any EE country, is to keep your expectations realistic. Then again that goes with anything but this more so.

    I think some men expect every single woman from EE is going to fawn over them just because they hail from North America is impractical. Added point is that online profiles don’t help, in the sense that they all look beautiful but when you them in life they don’t look the same. Amazing what make up and a good photographer can do.

    I think just bring realistic, and learning about the culture will help you be successful, but this is just my two cents.

    • Sure , it`s a good thing , to know , what you want , and even more so , to anticipate , what you might encounter , when actually meeting her/them.

      It will be even better , when she has a video in her profile.So , at least , you can verify , how she looks in real life.

      To put things , in perspective.What I found is , that most of the women , don`t use make up , when they go to work.Or maybe sometimes , just some lipstick , and a bit of make up powder.

      I`ve noticed this with my girlfriend.And also in the series “From Russia with Love” .Almost all the girls or women , had no or just a little make up.This is , all the girls in Kiev , who were introduced to the young guys.
      As well as , the women , at the socials in Odessa , and the other cities.

      It is , when they will not work , or for a special occasion , that they will make themselves (very) beautiful.
      On the first date , my girlfriend had no make up , at all.Because she came from work , to the meeting point.

      It was the same , on the second date.Only on the 4th date , did she had eye shadow , lipstick and had done her eye lashes.

      So , do they not want to look good ??Well , of course , they want to look good.But , then why not all the time ??
      Simply , because financially , they cannot afford it.

      I was walking , on the 6th date , in the main street of Odessa.And we passed by a shop , where they sell , much nice things for ladies.Like perfumes , make up , lipstick and some other stuff.

      And we had been talking , about perfume.And what type of perfume , she liked.I believe , that you guys , can already guess , yes ??
      So , she told me , Chanell.Well , you have the old classic Chanell no 5.
      But there is a new version ,that is really liked , by the young women of today.

      And guess what?Yes , I did bought a bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle , to bring with me.
      And as you know , I had a meeting and some dates , with a young lady.But like I said , she was not , who she pretended to be.

      Anyway , being the gentleman ,that I am , and for sure not selfish , either , I gave her this perfume , and some other gifts.
      But after some good comparison , between the real face , and that of the picture , in the profile , I came to the conclusion , that it was not her.
      As I found out later , the pictures in the profile , were from someone else.
      Although , she had a very good resemblance , to the photos.So , I ended to meet with her.

      So , as we passed the shop , I said , that they sell Coco Chanel here.And then I asked , if she likes Coco chanel perfume.My girlfriend said , yes , she likes it.And the other make up things.
      But , that they are very expensive.

      So , then I asked , is this true ??She and the translator then said , yes , they are very expensive here.
      As , you men will know , Coco Chanel is not a cheap brand , in our country.
      So , imagine , what it will cost overthere.

      Yes , I had already told her , about the other young woman.And also , that I had given her , the perfume , as a gift.

      But , on my next visit , I made it all up , to her.And she got a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle , from me.
      And on some dates , with me , she had this perfume , on her.She even asked me , if I could notice it.
      And she showed me , where she had applied it.

      Giving them a present , will raise your chances.But being yourself , appreciating their sincerity , treating them with respect and proof that you are serious , is key!


  6. I can tell you from my experience of a 15 year marriage that just ended this month in a Final Decree – none of the above was continued once we hit the USA. It’s a long, long story. However, and for whatever the source of it was, when Anastasiya found out how special looking she was here in the US and how average looking I was, she began to engage is parallel adultery on or about our son’s 3rd birthday (Mar 2007). I have the documentary evidence in writings and explicit photos and her multiple taped confessions. I am not posting this here to look for sympathy or anything else other than to let you and your readers know that a broad generalization such as the one above is like Trump and his categorization of Mexicans: false. I had a seven figure investment account and a low six figures executive position when I met her. Fast forward 15 years, I have way less than $1M in the bank and barely make $100K – at age 60. Oh, and BTW, the Court awarded me primary custody of our now 11 year-old son, child support from her, and the house. I think that given some veracity to my POV.
    OK. Again, all I have is my personal experience and I think that some very, very points are missed her. I am an American who lived in the UK and worked in Russia (while married to my 5th grade American sweetheart). I read, write and speak Russian. If I do not tell them I am American, except for not rolling my “R’s” like a native, they are not sure where i am from.
    After I divorced my American wife, I engaged a local agency in Tver and settled on a very nice looking woman (very young) but from a highly educated family. She had her law degree (I was at her graduation) and was working for the Federal Immigration Service. After we married there in the Orthodox Church (yes, I converted from Catholic to Russian Orthodox just to fulfill her desire to be married in a grand style. We then lived in our flat for another five months or so, then spent almost a year in the Dominican Republic so she could fulfill another dream to live on the beach in a year-round warm climate. So let me get to the point.
    THERE ARE MAJOR COSTS involved in the introduction. Your round-trip airfare from Texas to Moscow is $1800+ for economy. As a foreigner, you will pay retail rates in all the major cities (Moskva, St. Pete, Rostov, etc.) Moscow is the second most expensive city in the World after Tokyo (where I lived for a year). You will spend, all things considered, a minimum of USD$600 / day. If you are not fluent in Russian, or the women you meet are not fluent in English, you will have to get an interpreter for at least a few days @ $150/day plus all her expenses. Then if you actually want to bring your fiancée back to the USA on a K-1 Visa, expect to spend another $8K to $12K THERE not including her airfare (you must buy a round-trip for a K-1 as proof she will return [though they never do]. You are strongly advised to obtain a private investigator there and have her go to a doctor you choose – preferably at the American Clinic in Moscow. Had I done the last two things (which never entered my mind in 1999), I would have avoided the heartbreak and crippling financial damage the last 8 years. Anyway, all together, to get Ms. Pyatova her and take care of her immediate needs such as serious dental work, I spent just a tad over $40K in one year.
    lastly, you cannot expect, nor will they be able except under very special circumstances, to work for at least two to three years. YOU WILL PROVIDE THEIR SOLE SUPPORT. Car. Health Insurance. Etc. But most important they will rapidly become co-dependent until they hook into the local Russian group…and that is where all the trouble I encountered started. “She”, mental issues aside, could not get past her need for constant immersion into Russian culture. So she found it and lust at the Russian Dacha five minutes from our home. Anyway, back to costs. You will likely spend another $30K to $50K the second year. And the 3rd year and the 4th…and that’s if you DON’T produce children. So guys, if you attempt to do it on the cheap, your relationship will fail because they will quickly look around and see your are not providing the level of comfort they EXPECTED. I did not do anything lavish…not once…and the first three years (I have all the receipts) cost me ~$120K net. So, better go into this with your eyes and your wallet wide-open. Anyone who tells you if can be done for less is either a liar or has not been through the process of turning a Russian girlfriend into an American wife. And one last part. If you hold any type of Federal Security Clearance, you better consult your Agency Security Specialist first. I spent and extra month waiting and a “special” four hour interrogation when I had to re-up my TS credentials. You know what I mean: you lose your clearance and you are terminated immediately and will never get USG employment again. See my comment on having a local investigator check out the woman you are serious about BEFORE your propose.

    • Bruce, while I’m sad to hear that your marriage didn’t work out, I’m going to have to take exception with a lot of what you write. The way you throw money around in your writing, and how you describe how you throw it around in real life, is it such a shock that a gold-digger attached herself to you? I am sorry, but I’ve lived in Russia and Ukraine for some time and the vast majority of proper Women are very loyal and very monogamous. There are Russian Women who are scamming gold diggers and they probably could teach a thing or two to the up and coming brides of Beverly Hills. That your woman began shopping Men on arrival to the US isn’t at all a reflection of Russian Women but is only a reflection of your X Wife. And sad as it is to say it, the writing was on the wall before you married her. I’ve met guys who have Russian and Ukrainian girlfriends and it is OBVIOUS to anyone with eyes what she’s in for. The smart ones kept them overseas. Those who brought them over got fleeced. Any Man who is thinking clearly (top head, not bottom) will know if she’s in it for the money or love.

      As for your Math, I’m going to have to take exception with it also. Sure, if you stay at nice hotels and eat out 3 meals a day, you can blow $600 a night in Cleveland, Ohio. While Moscow is expensive, you can take an apartment in the suburbs, cook your own meals and take the metro into the city. By the sound of your email, you were just looking to impress the ladies with your wallet and you just attracted the wrong crowd.

      ** Note: I combined your two comments into one. **

      And it seems that your need to blow your whole paycheck carries over to legal services. Alana and I did the whole marriage & green card thing by ourselves after reading a few articles on the internet. Aside from fees to USCIS, the whole process was free.

      I’ve worked in an industry that pays very very well and we have a LOT of young guys that went from making $30k on year to 5 x that a year later. Guess what, all of their foreign brides (from relatively inexpensive places like Thailand) suddenly cost them $40k a year, whereas one 55 year old guy I know, his Thai Wife saves him money every week because she cooks 3 x a day. That your Russian Wife was so “expensive” is “shame on you,” not on Russian Women.

      Gentlemen, be blunt with your potential Russian girlfriend/wife. Tell her what too expect (financially). If you can afford only so much, tell her. If she sticks around, she’s for real. If she expects you to drop $40k a year on whatever Bruce’s wife was spending $ on, walk away. There are more Russian Women who are looking for Western Men than there are Western Men looking for Russian Women.

      As for your X getting 1/2 – you clearly didn’t set yourself up for success in that category. Every Man should have a trust that takes his net worth out of his name. You should be worth $50 on paper and there should be NOTHING to win in divorce court.

      That you “won” custody and child support from your X goes a long way to describing a woman with serious problems. I’m not saying 100% that she showed signs before marriage, but she probably did.

      But, I do appreciate your comment because every Man here should know how they could get fleeced if they don’t play it right. No different than if they marry an American woman. Of course, with the Russian, they’ll actually sex and dinner on a regular basis.

      To paint all Russian Women as green card lusting – gold digging players based on your X-Wife is a radical and unreal generalization. Saying that there are 500,000 Russian Women who would say or do anything to get out of Russia and to Western Europe, Canada, Australia or the US, is honest. Choosing a Woman who loves you versus a Woman who only wants to use you is the million dollar goal of every Man here. You only have to watch “90 Fiance” a few episodes to see which Women are in it for the Green Card.

      • Thanks for the info…sad story.
        I still wouldn’t marry a western woman because I’m still going to gamble on Latina or Slavic.

    • I read your article to my Wife, here are her comments:

      Some people in Moscow live on $600 for the whole month while supporting a Wife and children.

      You should watch 90 Day Fiance, most of the guys on that show are poor; if they can get their fiance over
      on a K1 Visa, certainly you don’t need $12,000.

      “Anyone who tells you if can be done for less is either a liar or has not been through the process of turning a Russian girlfriend into an American wife.”

      – That’s the problem, you’re trying to “turn” her into an American.

      I didn’t read that you met many Women through the agency, then fell in love and then married. I read that you “selected” a young and pretty Woman. Insofar as this was a business transaction, you should not be bitter at her for losing all this money but at yourself for spending it so freely.

      Before you proposed to marry her, you
      should have had a clear understanding of finances. Did she know how much “allowance” she would have
      in US? Since I’ve been in US, aside from 1/2 of the groceries and when my Husband takes me out to
      dinner on Friday night and when I buy some clothes every 2 months or so, my total monthly “expenses”
      are about $350 – 500 for manicure, pedicure, hair salon, cosmetics, etc. I’ve met and talked to
      a lot of American women and I don’t feel I spend more or less than the average woman in Midwest USA.
      But, if you offer me $50,000 per year, like you did to your x wife, why take all year, I could spend
      in 3 months ;-)

      if you give me $50k a year for 4 years, I’ll spend it. Happily. The problem is not that your Wife is Russian.
      I would say that she was a scammer if she came to the US and asked for a divorce after 3 years. But she didn’t.
      That she lasted this long was either love or a “six figure” salary.

      To say that the ONLY way to meet and marry a Russian Woman is to pay $250,000, we know that this is simply not true. But, tell him, if he has any money left, he can send it to me ;-)

  7. Well, those were certainly interesting replies. The area that strikes me as the most curious is the allegation that I have painted all Russian (foreign) women as “gold-diggers” when there is nothing in my text about that. Quite the opposite – as I described one person in particular. I allow that YOU must be vastly more experienced in this. I only worked in Moscow for ten years. And while there are many low-income appearing citizens there, there are plenty on black books and government assistance and other income streams. I lived off Tverskaya ulitsia. Anyway, I digress. If you are both so well versed, why not open your own Agency and help out men avoid AnastasiaDate, etc.?
    There is no purpose in providing you a laundry list of expenses – particularly since you so gently write that I am a fool throwing his money around. I just think that if you both are that sophisticated, you don’t need to add low-class words repeatedly to make you points – especially make assumptions about my character. How do you advance your agenda by doing so?
    A last point or two. First, the divorce rate in every Country as been at 50% or so for decades, even in the self-styled “Happiest Country in the World”: Denmark (where I also lived and worked). I was part of a group of about 40 men between 1999 and 2000 at Lifetime Partners in Tver. We all stayed in touch. The divorce rate has climbed to 80%. So, with all due respect, I think your experiences show there is more luck than art or science in anything humans do. You experienced mostly positive results, and I negative ones. Surely, you cannot honestly believe that all 32 of us married-to-Russians-now-divorced are fools, wastrels and profligate spenders…
    Thank you again for your time, but I for one feel this closes the discussion as (they always are): unresolved.

    • Before I begin my reply, let me say Bruce, my opinion here, is one of many. My goal is that the “average guy” who’s thinking about doing this goes into battle with a loaded gun. And for that reason, I pretty much let all comments post (with the exception of spam and malicious good for nothing posts). In your case, while I disagree with your analysis of dating Eastern European Women, you’ve “been there, done that.” Whether or not you “did it right” is up to the opinion of whoever is reading. That we can read that Rodney and Scott struck gold whereas you panned out after a good run is good info for any Man thinking about this journey.

      If I was (and will be) harsh in my comments, don’t take it too personally. As I wrote when I first started this blog, I only begin to write after the 3rd beer. I want it to be rough, a bit raw and a bit ADHD. In total, a lot of Western women get blasted and I’m not always nice. In your case, maybe I’m not nice also. That you had a rough ordeal, its par for the course. What I take exception with are some of the things you wrote (write).

      You write:

      “Well, those were certainly interesting replies. The area that strikes me as the most curious is the allegation that I have painted all Russian (foreign) women as “gold-diggers” when there is nothing in my text about that.”

      But didn’t you? When one reads the totality of your comment(s), we find that you spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars on your wife in the first 5 years. You allude to some fraudulent past on her part by saying that had you used a private investigator, you would have saved a lot of money. And then you go on to explain (in grossly inflated figures) that the average guy should expect similar expenses. You then add that men should go into this with “an open wallet.” If that isn’t painting Russian Women with the broad brush of “gold diggers,” (however vaguely) then I’m not sure what is.

      How experienced a person is in any subject is a matter of several factors only one of which is time. That you lived in Moscow for 10 days, 10 years or 40 years does not make you an expert on Russians. I’ve met Americans who’ve lived in Iraq and Afghanistan for years but have never talked with an Iraqi or an Afghani. You can live in Los Angeles without speaking English. You can live in Russia and surround yourself with an expat community and have a great amount, or little to no insight into Russian culture. That you elevated your wife from a poverty line country to a quarter of a million dollars in 5 years makes me question your understanding of Russian culture and of Russian Women. Just saying.

      As for opening my own agency, don’t think I haven’t thought about it and still do. As for now, one can get what one needs from Elena’s and they have a huge Eastern European Women’s membership. Not sure what would be gained by me starting up a competition with a handful of ladies. It would take years and a lot of work to accomplish what? Something that is already being done. Should Elena’s and Cupid fail in the future and there is no alternative, I might consider it. But again, as I’ve said many times, this is a hobby for me. It takes more time away from my family and business than it should. That I keep it going at all is purely a result of all of the “thank you” emails I receive every week for opening Men’s eye’s to this serious problem. All that said, take my comments for what they are, a bit critical, but just the word of one other guy.

      You also write:

      “There is no purpose in providing you a laundry list of expenses – particularly since you so gently write that I am a fool throwing his money around. I just think that if you both are that sophisticated, you don’t need to add low-class words repeatedly to make you points – especially make assumptions about my character. How do you advance your agenda by doing so?”

      Did I say that you were a fool? No. Did I say that you spent waaaaaay more than you had to (or should have)? Yes. I am not sure what low-class words or insults to your character you’re referring to. I just re-read my comment and I don’t see it. I was critical of your description of which woman you “selected.” It reminded me of the early 19th Century bride’s catalogs where you ACTUALLY mailed a fee to a broker (pimp) and he shipped you a wife (slave). I didn’t read ANYTHING in your comments about love, falling in love, courting, etc. It really sounds like it was a business transaction and your car broke after the warranty expired.

      It is interesting that I don’t know you yet I know all of the places that you’ve lived, how much money you make and the size of your stock portfolio. If I know anything at all about Russians it is that they are very secretive about money. If you talked before marrying your Wife, as you do now, you didn’t know then much about Russian culture. Perhaps with your next shot at romance, you keep some secrets, like where you’ve worked and lived, how much money you make, etc. Perhaps talk about art and wine and don’t spend more than $15 on dinner. If she sticks around, you’ll know she’s interested in you and not your paycheck. If she’s really hot, she probably won’t notice how hot she is in the US because she’ll be too in love with you to notice.

      You need to fact check your divorce rate statistics. The divorce rate for Russian-American marriages is lower than for American-American. The divorce rate for any “celebrity” with a large paycheck is close to 95%

      You also write:

      “Surely, you cannot honestly believe that all 32 of us married-to-Russians-now-divorced are fools, wastrels and profligate spenders…”

      Yes I can.

      I’ve worked around employees and contractors. I know that many (most) of them believe that there is no problem that can’t be solved with a credit card. I’ve seen guys blow $50k in a month long orgy in Palm Beach, Florida. I’ve seen guys blow $24k in the Seychelles in a weekend. If you put out bait, don’t be surprised when sharks come trolling. Am I surprised that a bunch of guys who “buy” women with their paychecks rather than lull them with love get divorced? No.

  8. – “So guys, if you attempt to do it on the cheap, your relationship will fail because they will quickly look around and see your are not providing the level of comfort they EXPECTED. I did not do anything lavish…not once…and the first three years (I have all the receipts) cost me ~$120K net. So, better go into this with your eyes and your wallet wide-open. Anyone who tells you if can be done for less is either a liar or has not been through the process of turning a Russian girlfriend into an American wife.” –

    Hey Bruce, thanks for sharing and sorry for the way it all ended. At least you have your kids.

    I know I am not the exception here, but your story is the PRIMARY reason why I have not moved back to the US. In fact, I have stated in this blog, I warned my wife before we moved to Germany and a couple of times while living here, that if she changed to Western ways, that we’re packing up and moving back to Ukraine. If I sense in her voice that she is trying to mimic a Western attitude after meeting a Rus/Ukr lady here, I quickly nip it in the bud. Now, after being here for over 1/2 year, she herself recognizes these Western attitudes and scoffs at them. Gotta nip all this stuff in the bud early and being firm about it. Tell them you fell in love with them for the values and morals that you met them in and you want it to stay that way.

    I only net about $2000/month, so in no way do we live lavishly. I am gone 70-80 hrs/week with only Sunday’s off. But, I keep our family comfortable, fed, warm and dry. On Sunday’s we always have a family day. When I get home, since its still summer, we go out on a family walk even for 15 minutes. I remind her that its only us in this country. We have no family, no support and we have to rely on each other for everything. And she does just that. Always a loving greeting at the door, warm cooked meal, pressed and cleaned shirts. The baby is happy, always smiling, always clean. House is clean. She’s never bored and never homesick because she’s always busy, like I am when working my 11 hour days.

    Don’t know what else to say except that I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and its because of her. She makes me happy (constantly and every single day). I am the grumpy one at times, but she always puts a smile on my face. I still highly recommend a Ukrainian lady to be the best wife on earth, and I have 4 former clients who would agree with me. But, try to stay away from agencies, big cities, and even add – ladies who you know have dated foreign men before. This is where their expectations grow because foreign men spoil them with lavish gifts and trips.

    • Sad to hear , that things didn`t work out for Bruce.At the same time , I must agree , on many facts , that Scott and Alan ,mentioned.
      For sure , if or when you are throwing around with money , it may be , that you didn`t really understand/understood , what basis , you may be developing , for a relation , which will come , out of this!!

      Bruce talks about the year 1999 , when he met his now ex.For sure , a year , with many things happening , all over E Europe , and in Russia.The break up , of the former USSR , and all the economic and financial troubles , in the other CIS countries.

      The decline of the system , as it was known , for decades , under Russian rule.With it , came the uncertainty , for many individuals.The cry for independence , and the fight for power.
      We have witnessed it.And the aftermath of it , is still not completely gone.

      I am sure , that in these days , the situation , and the mindset , of American men , was very different , than it is today.
      Hence , in those days , you could only get a Russian wife , by joining , the so called Russian bride tours/agencies.

      Now , 15 years later , with the more integrated internet (and other programs – like Skype) , things have become much more easier.
      Sure , I admit , you still need to be very careful.But , there are much more sources , to get your information from.Like this website.

      On the other hand , if you want to walk around , with your wallet open , then , in the end , you only have yourself to blame.

      On the first meeting , with my girlfriend , I told her , that I am not a rich man.Well , let`s be honest.If I could go over there , for some 2 weeks , then I`m not poor either.

      And , I was still on my guard.So , I would monitor , how she would react , or what she would say.
      I was still evaluating , about my experiences , with the other young woman.

      Well , in fact , she did took me out , one day , to visit the new mall.I had read , that , this is what they do , so as, to hope , that the man , will buy them some gifts.
      And that is , what I did.Even though , I knew , though not 100% positive (at that time) , that she may not be the lady , from the profile pictures.

      She had been always nice and polite.So , I cannot complain (and she didn`t ask me , to buy her a present).Although , I was waiting , for that!

      To tell the truth , my girlfriend , she never took me , to the malls , nor did she ask me , to buy her presents.
      And , at dinner , she would always ask , if she wanted , to have something more , or different.

      And for sure , it is true , that in the big cities , the women , may have a different opinion , and vieuw , of foreigners.So , yes , having dates , with them , is another issue.

      My advice is , when you are not sure , put them to the test.And see , what answer or reaction , you will get.
      But , of course , the most important , how is she behaving , when she is alone with you.

      This will already , tell you a great deal.Is she really interested in you.Then you can/must , ask the control questions.Like Mark from Dream Connection is advicing.
      One thing , though , don`t make it look like , you are interrogating her.

      If , yes , if , the signs are , what you could expect , to be true and honest , then you can have something , which may develop , in a positive direction.
      Then , again , it is up to you , how prepared and ready , YOU are , to follow this through.

      You should be aware , that it is no game for her.When she proved , to be sincere.
      The question is , what about you.


    • I too am sorry that Bruce had the troubles he had. But really, I think that it all came to selection.

      Men, when you talk with your Russian Girlfriend, explore her ideas and preferences. I dated a beautiful Tatar Woman in Kazan (she’s Muslim, I mean really, how much more conservative could you get?). When she told me that her favorite TV show was “Sex and the City,” I dropped her like a hot potato.

      Alana is less feminist than I am and she regularly scoffs at American Women. She is proud and defiant to be Eastern and won’t “go feminist” whether we live in America 1 year or 100. She doesn’t want to live in the US because she doesn’t want our daughter influenced by so much feminist brainwashing.

      And so, if my Wife is anti-feminist, pro-marriage and pro-family, how exactly is coming to America going to make her “realize how hot she is” so that she will want to start going to the Russian social club and cheating?

      Sorry Bruce, but the writing was on the wall. Even if you had these kinds of conversations before she came to America (which I doubt), at 22 or 23, really, did she even know what it was all about?

  9. I appreciate the resources that various folks put in their responses.
    And as far as personal information (PII) is concerned, well, such information provides authenticity without exposing me to additional risk.

    However, I view all the comments as opinions and prefer facts. So below are links which summarize (with their sources cited) of factual evidence to support what I said about divorce rates, prices, as well as commentary from a divorce specialist and a neutral health research NGO. The divorce rate is higher in Russia. The American-Russian divorce rate is statistically the same as the USA with positive variation only in the first five years. Finally, I lived in Tver after living in the center of Moscow because I could not tolerate the air pollution – especially in Summer. One reason Catherine the Great had her Summer Palace in Tver was to escape the Moskva heat. My flat in Tver was nothing high-end at all and just a kilometer from the Gypsy and African student flats. The going rate was $USD 500/month in 199 – 200 before Tver was rediscovered. Flats there now rent to non-Russians for between $1500 and $1800 a month. And that is despite a 3 hour by train or 2 1/2 hours by car commute. As a non-subsidized foreigner with only an izvechenia and a single-entry business visa (there were no multi-entry visas until after I left).Now, if anyone wants to dispute the facts, well, nothing I can and would do about that. As far as my personal experience with just one Russian woman, it is easy for people to armchair quarterback…look in the rearview mirror…and laugh to themselves “But by the grace of God, here I am.”
    Now regarding the claim that the divorce rate of Russian American marriages is half the rate of the US or less. This is simply not true BECAUSE USCIS does not breakout Nationalities. They simply summarize all US – Foreign marriages and the average is about 20%.

    And finally –
    Don’t mistake a non-divorced couple for a happy one, or a successful one. Especially when it comes to mail-order. People have reasons for staying in bad relationships. I had mine. She had hers. relationship over and moving on with my son.

    • Hey Bruce,

      In your comments you state that my comments are opinions and not factual. You’re entitled to your opinion (redundancy intended). And your sources that you attached are boring, scientific and sterile. You and any men reading his comments and his attached resources, need to throw that sheise out the window.

      Finding a wife from the EE is more ART than SCIENCE. If you go by your resources, you might as well as stay home and Amazon-drone-mail yourself a blow-up doll with real hair.

      In summary Bruce: In my opinion, I am factually living a western man’s dream. Every night I get to sleep with a hot, educated, 25 years younger than me wife from the EE, who loves me with all of her heart and doesn’t hang with any other EE women or go to clubs. Instead, she works her butt off everyday, taking care of our home, our baby and me. There’s your facts buddy. Put that in your pipe and have a good smoke.

  10. Back in the late 1990`s (or late 80`s) , Russian or E E women , were more inclined , to go to the West.For many obvious reasons , which necessarily , didn`t mean , that they wanted to live abroad.Read to get the living permit , in a foreign country.

    Their intentions , were more or less guided , by political , economical or
    social environment situations.Sure , gold diggers , are a thing of all times.Keeping your eyes open , and thinking with a clear head , is always a good thing.

    I know , seeing the beauty , of all these feminine women , and their appearance , will blow you away.But don`t let it carry you away , other than for the purpose , that you want to find , and establish , a solid and true , longlife relation.
    We cannot predict the future , but we can do our best , to let things develop , in a positive direction.

    What many men , tend to forget , is that EE and Russian women , have a great (big) sense , of their feminity , and their sexe.Do they want to exploit this ??I cannot say for sure.

    But as such , they have great personal pride and self respect.You should not under-estimate it.Even though , they may not show it , too aggressively.
    Because , they are not brainwashed , by all this feministic ideology , that we know here.

    There were many reasons , back then , for men to go to Russia , to get a wife.Whether they were for the right ones , I can`t say.Some men were just carried away , by their sheer beauty and elegance.If this is a right reason , to build a longterm relation , I`m not sure.
    Just like waving around with your wallet.

    Sure , the agencies , back then , were already telling the fairytales , that we still hear today.But , now , men have a better chance , to not fall into these traps.Also , today , more and more women , can speak English.
    So , no need , to go with a dating tour.Of course , you should do a bit of your homework.

    And , at least , try to learn , something , about the Russian language.Before , I left to Ukraine , I did read , all that I could find , about the people , the country , the different cities , for about 1 year !!
    Backgrounds about their culture and traditions (and also from Russia).
    Like I said , I had been to Poland , when still under Russian rule , several times.So , I already knew , something , about the way , they live their lives.

    Which , of course , helped me much.But , I did read about the alphabet , in Russia and Ukraine.And , I had it written down , on an A4 .
    So , on the second date , I told her , that I had the alphabet , with me.I took out the paper , and started to read for her , the different letters.

    She was pleasantly surprised.And she did encourage me , as I was going through it.I am sure , that I was the first foreigner , who she had a date with, who had such a paper , with him.
    So , talking about bonus points.

    Just to show , that I didn`t just go in , for the fun.If you want to have , a reasonable chance , on success , do your home work.As , I said , about the tv series ” From Russia with Love” – which they re-run now – the young guys , didn`t prepare , well enough.
    And that is a sure way , for failure.


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