Saturday Satire

… a little satire about Western women and feminism…

Saturday Satire: When I was too skinny

vintagead1gfdhgdfgn_thumb_cAs we have lived for a little over 6 months in the US and it has been the longest stretch for my Wife in the States, she is daily amazed at the size of some of our people. “How can …Continue reading

Saturday Satire: I just wanted some cream!

KalaskaThis captioned photo of Putin’s girlfriend circulated in Russian circles shortly after their annexation of Crimea. It looks like she is being interrogated in a courtroom and she is saying: “I told him I wanted some cream, not Crimea! Now …Continue reading



Saturday Satire – Take your pick

Take your pick… all satire, exaggeration and comedy has some kernel of truth in it … Like this:Like Loading…





Who drives better, women or Men?
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I am sure that I’ll get a lot of hate mail about this post. Men are better drivers than women. In fact, Men are better at most tasks that require physical coordination. Meaning that if you take 100 women and … Continue reading




A dashboard in the eyes of a Woman
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A new post for the Saturday Satire… Continue reading

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16 November 2013 You Forgot to Photoshop the Mirror


6 November 2013  SHH…DO YOU HEAR THAT?


5 November 2013 The Less I Care


31 October 2013 Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet

7 October 2013 Age Like Milk

Eventually their cellulite looks like cottage cheese.

13 September 2013 Wild Snorlax


13 September 2013 Angry Woman

You make my vagina angry

2 September 2013Stay off my Poontang!

patriarch loser

5 August 2013 Male Dominated Society

Male Dominated Culture

19 June 2013 The Happy Pilot

The Happy Pilot

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