Manly Monday: Dealing with American(t’s)


While I do realize that the readership is far from being contained to America, the pun was too much to pass up. There are many things in life that people will tell you that you cannot do.  Some of these … Continue reading

Manly Monday: What Do You Want? Part II

Aliona knows what she wants in a you?

It was early December, but not so early that a company Christmas party couldn’t be held at a management member’s farmhouse.  It was late and most partygoers had left for their homes.  A few of us, however, stayed well into soul’s … Continue reading

Manly Monday: What do you want?

Russian blonde woman

“It’s a deal.” I held out my hand in the culturally defined gesture of sealing an agreement.  He started reaching back and I started having second thoughts.  This man, only one year older than me, was living in a house so filthy (his parent’s) you could shovel the dirt out … Continue reading