Too much too fast?

Hard life in the concrete jungle; there are hookers here and no doubt drugs.  I’ve run into the former but not the later.  The former will set you back about $100 US for 4 hours, the later, maybe your life.

I ran across this guy – he’s likely from the Middle East; he looks like he’s had a little too much party.  This pic was at midday at McDonald’s.  I’m surprised that no one ran off with his laptop while he slept.  There is street crime in Odessa and I’ve heard of a few muggings in the last few days.  I make sure to stick to well-lit streets.

After a life of prostitution and drugs (likely) – this poor gal below seems to have run the end of her travels.  She lays beneath a dripping air conditioner on a hot Odessa Summer day.  At first I thought her to be a man but the folded breast was a dead giveaway.  Or was it?  Maybe they’re man boobs?  Anyhow.  There are nice girls here and there are sharks.  If you ever come – look for these clues:

* Does she ask permission before ordering?

* Does she que off of you when she orders?

* Does she order the most expensive thing on the menu?

As I sit here typing this post at the Top Sandwich restaurant at the corners of Derribayafskaya and Katerinskaya, I am watching the table of hookers about 10 meters away.  Three are ochen tolstee (very fat) and are probably in their late 40′s.  One is skinnier with tattoos and appears to be in her late 20′s.  The 5th appears to be on heroin and has speed bumps on her arms.  Yeah, at $100 bucks…  right.

You get the idea.  Ukrainian women, I suppose, are like those anywhere.  It just seems that the nice ones are nicer and the hard ones are harder.  Be forewarned.