1/29/14 6:00 AM

Hot Ukraine Women

… even the tall Women wear high heels in Ukraine… 1/29/14  6:00 AM WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Just got off the call /w/ the guys back in America.  There was a much more positive vibe from the men than … Continue reading

4:30 AM 1/22/14

3 Odessa Ukraine beautiful womenjpg

… 3 beautiful Ukrainian Women… Went to the karaoke event at 9:00 PM yesterday.  Was loud, but had a good time.  At the end got asked for 500 grivnas…  Paid, just went with it.  Told my translator other men would … Continue reading

1/26/14 4:00 AM

Julia from Ukraine

1/26/14  4:00 AM Woke up and could not sleep so I decided to delete all the junk pictures off of my cellphone.  [It’s a good tip to have a camera, and your phone separate.  Use the camera to take pictures … Continue reading

1/24/14 9:00 AM

Ukraine Woman in snow

1/24/14  9:00 AM Helped Mark Davis eat breakfast.  He left to pick up people at the airport.  Found out he knew about SuperSkank only a week or so in advance.  I’m thinking about taking pictures of women on the street.  … Continue reading

1/24/14 8:20 AM


1/24/14  8:20 AM Breakfast is served by the hotel from 8-11.  Apparently I’m the first one up.  Be sure to bring chapstick if you’re going in the winter.  Lack of [drinkable] water from the tap may dry you out. I … Continue reading

1/22/14 11:00 PM


1/22/14  11:00 PM Rather interesting being on an aircraft where English is not the primary language.  On my right two men are talking about their travels.  One is an actuary from [redacted].  He is going to spend time with a … Continue reading

1/22/14 3:00 PM


… Ukrainian Mother of two and her husband… 1/22/14  3:00 PM It’s almost 3:00, the plane leaves at 6:00.  Already checked through security and waiting /w/ the other early-birds.  Flying United Airlines.  1 checked bag is free.  Mine is empty … Continue reading

Seth’s Vacation Adventure: Days 2 and 3


The second day of our magical journey led us to the magical kingdom itself: Disneyland.  The duality of this trip was for single men to find fellowship in their quest for an overseas partner and also to celebrate those who had … Continue reading

Seth’s Vacation Adventure: Day 1


As Scott has alluded to previously, it should be no surprise at this point that I am going with a tour group.  Boo!  Hiss!  I know.  I posted previously a negative review about romance tours, but if you look closely … Continue reading