Three More Days

Ukraine beauty with long hair

It’s full preparation mode at the Connor residence.  Little things to think about like medicines I might need overseas, new socks, and those electronic devices (or more specifically, their individual chargers) that you can’t seem to find.  I have all … Continue reading

Conversations I had Recently

Ukraine blonde woman

I had a Skype discussion with one of the tour hosts last night.  We talked to make sure that I’m not freaking out (I’m not) and to make sure that I had everything ready to go.  I did mention that … Continue reading



I suppose I enjoy profiles that are more…prolific.  There’s a couple of them that say nothing more than “Ask me what I like to do for fun”, but Victoria’s doesn’t disappoint.  She’s definitely in my -Want to Meet- list, but … Continue reading

Seth’s Vacation Adventure: Days 2 and 3


The second day of our magical journey led us to the magical kingdom itself: Disneyland.  The duality of this trip was for single men to find fellowship in their quest for an overseas partner and also to celebrate those who had … Continue reading

Seth’s Vacation Adventure: Day 1


As Scott has alluded to previously, it should be no surprise at this point that I am going with a tour group.  Boo!  Hiss!  I know.  I posted previously a negative review about romance tours, but if you look closely … Continue reading