Feminist Friday: The Perceived Danger of Kaylee


I was watching Firefly for the first time and noticed in the comments section a recurring theme: Everyone thinks Kaylee is hot.  Kaylee (pictured above) is the rather plain-jane mechanic of the crew that was described by her actor as “wholesome, … Continue reading

Female Friday: Automobile Edition

Ferrari prank

Today’s delving into the female psyche involves their attraction to high status symbol items: expensive cars.  I’m not a car person, but every year or so I’ll find myself at a car show talking to the owners about what year/make/model … Continue reading

Manly Monday: Dealing with American(t’s)


While I do realize that the readership is far from being contained to America, the pun was too much to pass up. There are many things in life that people will tell you that you cannot do.  Some of these … Continue reading

Manly Monday: What Do You Want? Part II

Aliona knows what she wants in a spouse...do you?

It was early December, but not so early that a company Christmas party couldn’t be held at a management member’s farmhouse.  It was late and most partygoers had left for their homes.  A few of us, however, stayed well into soul’s … Continue reading