Warm Odessa nights

11 pm and the streets and cafes are full. The evening is warm but there is an occasional cool breeze left over from yesterday’s rainstorm. As I walk past the opera house I see so many Ukrainian women in their high heels, scanty dresses and toned legs.

I have come to realize that walking is the key; I actually took the afternoon off to rest my legs as shin splints were starting due to the many miles I walk each day. I vow to keep up walking when I get home and will make sure my woman does the same.

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As I finish dinner I get a text from the Ukrainian Heather Graham; she gets off work at midnight and is coming out
To meet me. This will be our 4th time out and I wonder what our potential is…?

I have been trying to figure out why the Ukrainian Women are so hot. I’ve come up with that they are in shape (primary reason) and they dress so hot. Even when they aren’t all dressed up they are still hot. Braless is the rage and I see free floating jiggling and heaving breasts everywhere. There are no ugly padded bras like in America. I’ll try to upload some photos.

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