The Boris Effect

26 June 2013 – Ramblings from Russia – … as I’ve said again and again: you can’t go 50 yards (or meters) in Russia (or Ukraine) without seeing a dozen beautiful women. I went out from the apartment and just in a block’s distance, I saw more beautiful women than I will see in a month in a Midwest city in the US…  click here to read more

12 September 2012 Reverse Boris – I saw a beautiful & thin woman on the arm of a poindexter looking fellow who not only appeared to be “average” in looks and style (by Ukrainian standards), but this guy was as skinny as Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory…  click here to read more

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18 January 2012 Boris Again – Men, you just have to love a country where its cool to date younger women.  That is after all our natural predisposition.  That dating a younger woman is somehow dirty or something to be ashamed of is a byproduct of Western feminism… click here to read more

14 October 2011  The Boris Effect – …an interesting phenomenon in Eastern Europe that I’ve come to call the “Boris Effect.” It seems that everywhere you look you always seem to see some short, fat little Russian man with a tall, lanky beautiful model-looking beauty…  click here to read more

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20 thoughts on “The Boris Effect

  1. I enjoy reading your interesting blog and the posted commentaries of your readers.

    Yes, women who are too lazy and self-indulgent to take care of themselves do not deserve to, nor should they feel entitled to be with a man who does…but why do you seem to think that such laziness and self-indulgence in a man can be neutralized by other redeeming qualities he may possess? Why do you seem to be offended by overweight, homely and/or past-her-prime women [who may similarly possess other redeeming qualities], wanting a man out of their league but do not seem to be offended by the converse with respect to men? As a woman, thinking of that in principle certainly disgusts me, as it seems arrogant of the man who believes he deserves a beautiful woman despite being gross himself. Am I misunderstanding your viewpoint?

    • Hi Jennifer – thanks for your comment.

      The whole crux of my argument is that the average American woman looks down on the “housewife” role and wants to become a career woman. Along the way, she racks up quite a “notch count” on the headboard of her bed – and some time in her 30’s, she changes her mind and decides she wants a family after all. Have a look at eHarmony & Match & some of the surrogate pregnancy (sperm donation) websites – you have an entire generation of disillusioned feminist women who don’t “pooh pooh” the idea of family any more. Then, the scramble to find a man is on. As a man in his early 40’s, in decent shape, with a good job & paycheck, my own home & not married with no kids, you would think I would have my choice in women – and yet, this sense of entitlement carries on. I meet so many 36 year old “I have to get married and have children tomorrow” types & still they act like they walk on water. I just cannot believe the sense of entitlement that most American women have. And why not, there isn’t any competition.

      What’s the joke, the woman has 50 requirements for her Friday night date, the man only has two, “Show up naked and bring beer.” Most American guys are just happy to have a girlfriend or wife and are more than happy to SHARE the workload. But 50% isn’t enough for most American women, they really do want their cake and eat it too.

      Introduce the idea of importing a woman with traditional family values and the American women were up in arms. Feminist groups pressured Congress to pass the IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Act) that requires American men to submit to a police background check in order to email a woman from overseas. Wow, talk about trying to shut down the competition. I have never met a man who married an Asian, Columbian or Eastern European woman who is anything but happy. Happy to just be alive. Most men I talk to who married American women can go on and on about their woes… how she has become a fat nagging bitch and on and on…

      Bring in the “Boris Effect” – Eastern European women seem to be attracted to large guys. I’m in good shape and I always loose out to the fat guy with the hairy chest and gold necklaces when I’m in nightclubs in E. Europe.

      So, if the average guy in America is happier with a woman who dresses like a woman, acts like a wife (and not a “life-partner”) and wants to have a family – and actually raise them (versus run off to Vegas with the pool guy because she’s “entitled” and she saw it on “Sex in the City”) – I say, stick with imported women. I do not and I will not date an American woman ever again. I’ve been overseas and the difference is like first class on Singapore Airways versus coach on United.

      And if the average American guy who is a little chubby (a Boris) can score a hot Russian model-looking woman, why not? Go where the grass is greener, buy where the beer is on sale.

      If the Average American woman took care of her man like a Ukrainian woman does, she would never have to worry about him leaving her – she could have him eating out of the palm of her hand. Maybe I should write some pointers for Western women…

      Last thought, in your first sentence you talk about lazy and self-indulgent women. My last girlfriends were in great shape, thin, attractive – and I still wouldn’t marry them because they have this overwhelming sense of feminism. Feminism teaches man-hate and once you get out of America you see how truly bitchy most American women are – how they seem to just loathe men and “tolerate” them to get what they want. Once again, you ask a United stewardess for water, she will bring it, but with a sigh and a roll of the eyes. You ask a Chinese airline flight attendant for anything and they will go out of their way to get you what you need. American women have been handed the keys to the castle and they have let it go to their head(s).

      • Hey Scott,

        I was doing some research on dating Eastern European women and I found your blog. You are hilarious! But I also think that you have captured the mood of many men in the US who want something different than what the women of America have to offer. I traveled to Europe in my early 20’s and to Asia as well. I work in Colorado with many foreigners and I have spent time learning customs and observing women from all walks of life. You have hit the nail on the head when you talk about these topics. American women are very different.

        I have a slightly different take on some of your ideas but I understand your sentiment completely. I am good guy. I have a steady job, not one that makes a lot of money now, but I am smart and have many opportunities. I am 36, good looking and have been traveling around enjoying my life for the last 14 years. Now I am looking for a potential wife and I am pressured into thinking that I have to marry a woman my age who has been around the block with multiple guys, has kids, has bills, and wants me to be perfect in every way. What planet are these women living on?

        I am short guy. 5’5. I don’t have a problem with my height or my weight. In fact as a wrestler through college both of these things served me well. I am reasonably good-looking and I get compliments often in this area. Since many women that I meet and am attracted to are looking for tall men, I am automatically excluded even though they say that the are not superficial. I happen to like taller women that are attractive. Am I not allowed to pursue them and settle for women that will have me only as a last resort? No. Hell no.

        I am a charming guy who has lots of friends and a fairly funny personality. I attend church. I have a job, I know how to treat a lady. Yet now as I am looking for a wife my dating prospects seem to be dictated to me by some standard that I cannot live up to. (the same happens to women) Unless I win the lottery soon, I will feel like I will not attract the type of girl I am attracted to unless I somehow change everything about myself.

        More and more of my girlfriends who are still single complain about dating and how bad it sucks and yet when I hear them talk about what they want from a guy I shake my head and tell them that they are looking at the wrong things. Even in a large church in Texas there is still the Disney-fication that has happened and given women the wrong idea about dating and marriage.

        I don’t want to settle anymore than a girl does, and I wouldn’t want to be with a women who viewed me as a last resort. I am sure that I have other bad qualities as a person that I could work on, but being short is not something I can ever change or something I consider a bad thing. But in the dating world and in other areas of life, I am discriminated against.

        Why wouldn’t I go to a country where I my other qualities are valued and respected. A place where a woman is looking for man to treat them well no matter what age they are.

        Until a few nights ago I was frustrated by the idea that I have to be lucky to find a girl that I am attracted to or settle because of my age or place in life. I was not allowed to have a 22 year old taller girlfriend because of my genes. When I thought about dating overseas I was a little hesitant but then I remembered my travels and how many girls there were that I was completely taken aback by and who would love to spend the rest of their lives as my partner.

        Thanks for the laughs and the advice. I think I will join Elena’s soon!

  2. Hi Scott Anderson-

    Your response brought up so many thoughts… I hope you enjoy reading all this.

    I was a homemaker for 10 years – I enjoyed it and feel very lucky to have been able to stay home with the kids. I do not understand at all how many women leave their infants and young children to childcare to allow others to witness their child’s amazing development. They miss so much. And I have been to Ukraine. It is unbelievable and striking how children elicit smiles and glommed-on stares from women of all ages starting at 50 yards. Equally striking was how well behaved and angelic children are in Ukraine—you see very little tantrum-throwing by bratty little kids. It is interesting.

    In Ukraine you are sort of an old maid if you are 25 and not married with children. I don’t know why it is like that there, and that certainly is different from the USA. But I agree that is the crux of the difference between at least what Ukrainian women want [and maybe the same for E. Europe /Columbian women in general?]and what women want in the USA.

    I don’t know if homemaking has lost its respectability—did it ever have any? If women look down on it today in the USA, they are likely not the only ones… Where does the scornful reference to ‘women’s work’ come from? You’ve heard that, right? It doesn’t seem reasonable to think that now, it is women only who think scornfully of it, while men do not. My point: I don’t think it comes from Feminism.

    Perhaps a lot of American women have seen what happened to their mothers or maybe by now their grandmothers : If you raise children and do nothing else, what do you do when they are gone? I think women fear the disrespect of their spouses, and what they may see as being relegated to joy through subservience, and dependency. A homemaker’s world can be pretty small. Without the respect of your spouse, it is hard to feel you are doing something important and worthwhile. Please let me give you my perspective, based on my experience–

    I don’t think men automatically appreciate the women who take care of them, and I don’t think men automatically want to share in the responsibilities, like my ex-husband, who believed in strict demarcation of ‘traditional’ duties, and thought all the housework and everything else that goes along with running a household was my job, because he went out to work [no he’s not that old, he is 50]. The success of a long term relationship is not merely dependent upon a woman taking care of the house and kids while you are at work and looking good while she is doing it. Most of the time, if she really cares about doing a good job, she will be exhausted when you come home, because if her standards are high, which I am assuming you are hoping for, it really is a lot of work. Merely finding a woman who is ‘traditional’ does not make for a fairy-tale ending – some men underestimate these women.

    It is true that working to create a well-cared for house and family is satisfying, but it can be isolating, and imagine: Even if you enjoy cooking and cleaning, as I actually do, if it is pretty much all you do, and you pour everything you have into your domestic duties in order to make a nice nest, it can be unsatisfying when what you have done that day is undone the next day, if not sooner. And that is day in, and day out. Every day for years. Even if you take pride in your cooking abilities and homemaking skills, sometimes it can feel like ultimately, it does not matter. And it is really hard to use your brain while you are doing these things. If a woman is smart, she will long for intellectual stimulation.

    So here’s a tip from me: if you find the wife of your dreams and she is a ‘traditional’ wife, make sure you tell her how much you appreciate what she does because homemaking can feel like an endless cycle of drudgery, even if she likes it! My kids are adults now, and they remember the things I did for them, and reminisce fondly…NOW it matters—but they weren’t especially appreciative at the time and my ex-husband was no support at all. Tangible or lasting results come years later, when your family is grateful for what you did, but you don’t know that at the time.

    I am a feminist because I am a humanist and care about social justice; feminism is inclusive. I love men and their masculinity, and how they differ from us women. Feminism does not mean man-hating. I could not imagine living without men.

    And on the modesty of E European women…

    Attractive women have a lot of power over men; that is just how it is. Some women abuse and are intoxicated by this power –It also promotes arrogance in women. Instead of seeing their appearance as a genetic accident that gives them physical characteristics which happen to coincide with current standards of beauty, they lose this perspective and instead feel a sense of accomplishment, as if their appearance is something they have done. They really start to get a big head. I see it a lot in the USA. I find it hard to believe that Ukrainian or Eastern European women are able to intellectualize and thus head off this type of arrogance significantly more frequently than western women. Certainly Ukrainian or Eastern European women are just as guilty of such weakness as are western women for this intoxication, e.g. your dating agencies. I have visited several Ukrainian cities, and often I was amused by the ATTITUDE in the walks of quite a few Ukrainian women…you can’t tell me they are primarily modest and unaware of the power their appearance gives them. Are you sure it is so easy to find a beautiful woman over there who doesn’t know it?

    Personally, being looked at when I am alone makes me feel uncomfortable, and increases my feeling of vulnerability. Today I had some dopey Asian guy seemingly following me all around while I was shopping for a half an hour; everywhere I went, there he was. I would go to the other side of the store and there he was! I was not looking at him but I could feel his eyes. Oh, go away!! Right before I left the store I saw him once last time and accidently looked at him, and he smiled at me. Still, I can’t be mean and I automatically smiled a little back at him. Really, it is creepy. Things like this happen sometimes. I was wearing no makeup, my hair in a pony-tail, and jeans and a t-shirt. What if I were dressed like a Ukrainian woman? Then I would have to primarily blame myself. Dressing like that attracts even more attention, and if I were wearing high heels and a short skirt, it would mean I was actively seeking some sort of attention.

    It is a strange dichotomy: as it is, I take pride in my appearance and like to look good, I stay in shape and I guess I am lucky, but don’t like to be looked at. Men are dogs as it is said, and really it can be true. Some have no class. I would never go out dressed like a Ukrainian woman alone because I would be really uncomfortable. On the other hand, I do have clothes like that and wear them easily when I am with my man. So I don’t get it… there is something faulty in your expectations….if Eastern/ Colombian, non-western, whatever, women are attractive to you because you believe them modest and unassuming [which I think is correlated with shyness], how to do they go out looking like that? Are these women so much in competition with each other so that overrides all feelings of modesty and fear? Or could it be that they are not [and disappointingly for you ] truthfully that modest?

    Finally, I am not sure you answered my original question–maybe I posted to the wrong section [here]. I kind of looked through a lot of posts and then had a summary thought on big male slobs thinking they deserved a beautiful woman and posted in the first place that seemed appropriate. You show sympathy for these poor slobs who spend lots of money to come over and be with E Europe women – i.e. I found again your December 25 post ‘No Game Whatsoever’ , and there is another somewhere about a man at an airport with an Asian woman. If I were nasty I could not foist myself onto someone much better looking than I. That takes some arrogance. And you seem squarely focused upon female obesity as a strong indicator that a woman possesses traits that exemplify all that is wrong with the average American women, which seems to be that we are self-centered and feel a sense of entitlement. In my view, a fat male slob thinking he deserves a beautiful woman is motivated by a sense of entitlement and self-centeredness. So that was what I was getting at – why are you sympathetic toward those men, whom you seem to see as simply pathetic and lost, but not toward fat women who think ‘there are other things to like about me…’ What is the difference?

  3. Sorry Jennifer, missed your comment completely.

    Regarding men “deserving” a thin woman even if they’re slobs; why not? Fat women in America expect Tom Cruise types, who are rich, will pay their bills and put up with a LOT of attitude.

    How you describe yourself, you are NOT a feminist. Feminists believe in equality. You describe in your own comment that you recognize the difference between men and women. Feminists believe that men and women are the same. I believe in equal rights, but not equality.

  4. I have always thought that Feminism was about choice, which is I guess, ‘equal rights’. Semantics. Whatever the thing is that you and other men believe is responsible for the unhappiness of the American male is likely not attributable wholly to Feminism, whatever that may be to you.

    I don’ t know…I think men want their wives. I asked my husband, who is in contact with many people on a daily basis, what is the thing that men complain about the most? His answer was, by far, that they are not ‘getting any’. It was definitely the answer I expected. Hmmm, I think I know what you are going to say, that they are p***ified men who don’t know any better.

    I think we are in agreement on whether or not slobs of either sex deserve a partner more attractive than they — that they don’t. You are saying the ends justifies the means but I think we agree that does not make it right. No, it is not right to make your spouse suffer.

    Congratulations on your engagement – that is wonderful!! I wish you lots of happiness. Relationships are hard ~ #1 keep your sense of humor #2 stay fit

    • I’ll agree with you on everything that you wrote. But I’ll say this, American Men are far more feminist than American Woman. Ask any Woman, ask yourself, what’s more attractive, a man that says, “Please, can I get some?” Or a man that treats you like a Woman, is confident and then takes you by the hand to the bedroom. A man who knows what he wants and goes for it. We’re at dinner I watch my American Male friends and they ask their wife permission to go outside to have a beer and a chat with me after dinner. Really? Ask for permission from your girlfriend to do what you want to do? I think that if he said, “Dear, I”ll be outside,” she would respect him more. Sure enough, he complains to me that he only gets it when “she’s in the mood.” Luckily, I don’t have that problem.

      Edit added 20 September 2013:

      By the way, super advice you give, #1 keep your sense of humor & #2 stay fit

  5. Honest and fair answer from the lady at 1:20. That’s a western lady whom I could at least sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with. Typical and expected answers from the others.

    • Agreed.
      The 2nd woman was spot on.
      Those Irish women were nuts. Men don’t try to achieve status through women, most men use status to get a women. Then they started talking about the Western men paying a fair price??
      So did these Irish women on vacation pay the same price in Thailand for the goods and services they would have paid for in Ireland?
      No they didn’t!
      Their rants were pointless…
      The lazy and worthless hate competition.

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