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Question for Alana
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I received an email from one of my (female) readers and she asked that I forward her email to Alana. She had some questions about Russian Women and about their perceptions of American and Russian Men. I’ll let her answer … Continue reading


Lauren Gray on shapely women
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Lauren Gray, a somewhat “regular” reader of this site posted a comment on the post “Spot the Fat Girl” wherein she agreed with some of what I wrote, but considers some of what I wrote “outrageous.” And I’ll admit, maybe …Continue reading



First post from George
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George emailed me a few months back after he had read some of Seth’s posts and he expressed some interest in being a guest writer. I told him that I had considered “opening the floor” to anyone who wanted to … Continue reading

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25 April 2014 Long Lists of Requests – The last one i’d flown to London to meet me, just to find out she was everything i was trying to avoid.. Didn’t like my arm around her because she felt it implied ownership, got upset when I just chose a hotel without asking her if she liked it first (a 4 star boutique hotel in the heart of of London that I was paying for)… Typical things that typify power struggles…  click here to read more

02 September 2013 FEMINIST TRIFECTA – Western society has trained the women to degrade masculine energy while simultaneously being unable to remove the desire for it from them. What this has left us with is a population of women who are completely unmarriageable because they have been taught to outwardly reject men and additionally make themselves unattractive …  click here to read more

10 April 2013 AMAZING BLOG! – I’m Brazilian, 24 y/o from a religious background and I find myself in the very same problems as I see you were first finding when you started your blog …  click here to read more

24 February 2013 Hate Mail and Random Thoughts – My name is Peter and I am 36, married, and have one child.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your blog.  I thought my father was the only one who thinks the way you do …  click here to read more

02 September 2012 Hate Mail – Let me ask you a serious question. How long has it been since you’ve had sex you DIDN’T have to pay for? Do you have the guts to answer that question? …  click here to read more

06 January 2012 Your Blog is Spot On! – I’ve just been reading your blog on the western women and Ukraine and it’s spot onclick here to read more

29 August 2011 A Letter from Matt – Gotta hand it to you man… I ran across your blog and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I too have done [am doing] that eHarmony crap. (did too) You’re right on the money… delusional chicks with check lists the size of the Great Wall… and they’ve already let themselves go, and their clock is ticking so loud you’d think a metronome is duct taped to your ear…  click here to read more

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  1. Hello!
    I am planning a trip to Odessa ukraine in a couple of months and as I was doing some research online I came across your blog and I gotta say Im glad I did. I am tired of women here in the USA who are fat and lazy and have chips on their shoulders. I have been talking to what may or may not be a woman from Odessa on a dating site. I fully realize that it is about a 90% chance she is not real but I am willing to take a chance. So far i’ve told her i dont have alot of money and she hasnt asked for any. Anyway I am coming to Odessa to meet her but since she may not be real I would truly appreciate some advice on where to meet real women while I’m there. I am not looking to get laid, I am looking for a wife. I am a fairly good looking man and I could get laid here easily enough. I am looking for a woman who is in good shape and who doesnt mind that I am a man. I will enjoy my trip to Odessa iven if the woman thing totally bombs but would like any adivce you could give on meeting women while I am here. Oh by the way I am learning russian, don’t know much but i think i will be able to get by

    • Good luck in your search. All I can say is, think with the big head, not the little one. Most guys go over and do STUPID things because the women are so beautiful. Watch what the women do, not what they say!

  2. Thank you for posting all this information and sharing with like minded guys! I have completely gone off western (including UK) women and have been to Ukraine twice. I have been talking with a lovely woman from Donetsk and she’s a definitely keeper! We have met 3 times; twice in Donetsk and she’s come to the UK for 2 weeks. We had a fabulous time together but after reading your blog, I cannot help to think I should visit Odessa and Kiev! I stumbled upon a site called Do you have much experience with this site? I have signed up but with over 3K emails in just 10 days, this is clearly a scam. There is a beauty contest coming up on the 26th of August that I am thinking of attending just to see with my own eyes. I am not meeting any woman in particular since I am thinking this is just another ploy at a romance tour.

    Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you’re in Odessa that weekend, we should hang out!

    Best regards

    • Thanks for the comment Bernie – I completely agree – Brides of Ukraine ( is a complete sham. I met the owner, Dion, he’s a squirrelly little f*ck who lies through his teeth. I just did a review of a good agency, Elena’s Models. I think my next review will be of Brides of Ukraine. Since I posted my first comment about his shady business, Dion has added a bunch of “anti-scam” pages to his website so as to make it look like he is one of the good guys. That little sh*t even sent me a threatening email!

      Bernie, tell us, is your wife from E. Europe? Did you meet her through one of the sites? Any advice for the other guys who are looking for an Eastern European wife?

  3. My wife is from Ukraine. Met her online on one of the dating sites mid Sept. 2009, and within two weeks visited her in Ukraine. Got married in Jan. 2010, by June 2010 she was perm. res. and came to Canada. Since then never had soup out of a can:) She is University educated and smokin’ hot!!! I have never paid for any long term membership on a dating site, translating, meeting, gift, or any stupid social function. When we are out in public she makes me feel like a rock star. Every morning I wake up to an absolutely gorgeous woman and still think it’s a dream.

    • Living the dream Bernie – thanks for the follow up. You are an inspiration to us all.

      I’m talking to about 15 different women from Elena’s now. Talked initially with about 25, 15 have made the cut so far, going to narrow it down to half a dozen and then go visit some this fall. I hope to be where you are by next summer :-)

    • Good on you Bernie, im so happy for you, i love it when i see my fellow western men with lovely good decent non western women, the majority of western women are going to end up lonely and miserable and are going to die lonely and miserable and they derserve to for being absoloute fuckin bitches!

  4. Hey Scott, your “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” is not working. That issue with Bridesofukraine my wife had seems to be resolved however she had to prove it was her pictures…which means that unless other women go through the trouble my wife did…there is a good chance there are other profiles of women that do not exist.

    Oh, also I think I read that you have money in a Ukraine bank, good luck with that. I wanted to do the same thing, but my wife would not allow it.

    • Bernie, I sent an email to you – I’m wondering if the comment updates and my emails are getting eaten by your spam filter?

  5. Just letting you know about This is a Russian / Ukraine facebook. Not a dating site but there are women on here who are happy to know you. Cost nothing.

    • Thanks Alan, a few others have mentioned about as well. I’ll put a link to it on the home page. Have you had any luck using VK yourself?

  6. Yes Scott, some stuff is coming through to my email now.

    I have to say you have some what of an entertaining site, do not understand the secrecy surrounding your identity though.

    About large women, before I returned from Ukraine with my wife I warned her about this issue. When she did arrive she was actually shocked and sickened by what she has seen.

    My wife has read a bit of your blog and is wondering if you are aware of what they refer to in the Ukraine as the “Pepsi-Generation”?

    I think your readers should know that there are many scammers every where on every site.

    • Bernie – I’ve written a little about seeing the Pepsi Generation in Ukraine. You’ll see a normal sized Mom & Dad, a normal sized 12 & 10 year old and then the 7 year old looks like the shape of a pumpkin. Clearly, you can see that the calorie count is increasing for the next generation. I guess this means:

      “Men, get to Ukraine and get one before they all blow up!” LOL

      Seriously though, the problems is MUCH worse in the US. I think just the rich UA kids are getting fat.

      As for scammers, yes, they are everywhere. Everyone should do their due dilligence. With Brides of Ukraine, I had to go through the agency for all letters. The women I met had no idea what was written in the letters. What I like about Elena’s is that you get the woman’s email directly and you can talk to her without the scam agency. Most of the women I’ve talked to have Skype and in a day I can be on screen with them – unless the agency has created life-like manequins, I’m pretty sure the woman in the photo is who I’ve been talking to.

      I started off emailing about 25 women. I’m talking now only to 5 or 6 and I am making plans to visit 3 in the next two months. I would say that Elena’s is a 1000% improvement over Anastasia Dates or any of the other sites out there. Hands down.

      As for scammers – if any woman asks me for $ – she is cut off. Of 25 women at Elena’s – none has asked for anything. When I fly out and meet them, I’ll know if there is any chemistry or not. And that is what is really important.

      Thanks for your comment!

  7. Speaking about “Pepsi-generation”, I think, Bernie hasn’t meant body size but a different mindset of new generation in East Europe. In fact it’s getting very close to North American one.

  8. Hi Scott,

    I just rolled into my apartment after my third trip to the Ukraine, and I have to say, it was a blast meeting you on the flight up from Odessa to Kiev. You’re a good man and I love the site.
    After meeting you in person, I want to comment about you, to some of the women on here who want to blast you, or any of the guys who now prefer to spend their time in pursuit of a real, woman..

    People, Scott Anderson is the real deal.. He’s tall, good looking, educated, physically fit, affluent, financially savvy, and articulate. This guy could be running with the top talent in any major metropolitan city. If I walked into a club or a nice restaurant, he’s the kind of guy I would expect to see with an 8+ on his arm… So if he is over in Eastern Europe, looking for a quality woman to share his life with… it’s not because some self-centered, hormonal slag at home won’t give him the time of day. He’s also a good dude to start drink beers with.. So if he ever introduces himself to you on your travels.. buy him a drink for getting this site going..

    • Rob,

      Thanks for the comment and the kind words. It is always nice to run into another pilot and share war stories.

      The subject that we talked about on the airplane – that it is “politically incorrect” to “admit” that you date foreign women using dating sites. Perhaps, part of this blog is to end the “stigma” of doing so. I have been to the East more than 10 times in the last 10 years and I am THOROUGHLY convinced that marriage to a Western Woman is a HUGE WASTE OF TIME. I have become quite militant about this and I am not afraid to say that I ONLY date foreign women. I vocally share this with friends, family and colleagues at work. When I get that condescending look, I smile a smirk, hand them the web-address and sure enough, a day or two later, they are back asking for details, like, “Do I need a visa to visit?” LOL

      You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but sooner or later, Western Men will wise up and shop “outside of the box.”

      Good luck to you in your search and work.


      • I am THOROUGHLY convinced that marriage to a Western Woman is a HUGE WASTE OF TIME

        Yes and a marriage and any other type of relationship with a western woman whether it be dating or de facto is also a huge waste of money a huge waste of effort and it is also a complete nightmare!

        • All of my colleagues at work, my friends & brothers – the vast majority of them are miserable in their relationships. Alana just told me the other day that the desire of every woman is to submit to her husband completely. You’ll NEVER hear an American woman say anything even closely resembling that.

          Don’t mistake this attitude for that of a weak woman – she is as strong, if not stronger than any American woman I’ve ever dated. But, she wants a strong man as well. She once related – and I am sure that this will offend many women, too bad – that the role of husband and wife was much akin to that of a horse and rider. The horse will run wherever it wants if the rider is not strong. But, if the rider will lead, the horse will gladly follow and the horse and rider will have a nice ride and a great relationship.

          Western feminism teaches that the horse and rider should be sitting side by side, in the carriage, or perhaps both in front of the carriage harnessed to it and pulling. But to suggest that one of the pair is leading and the other is following, this is considered sexism in our western world.

          The difference in the attitudes of foreign women (non-Western) is so staggering that it is almost like talking to women from other planets.

    • Rob, kudos to you. On the flight you had mentioned about getting a second passport – something I’d never heard about. I want to meet the girlfriend in Russia in early January – no problem, I can get a visa this week. But I want to return again in February before I have to go back to work and I won’t have time to process another visa while I’m over there. I did as you suggested and ordered a second passport and submitted both with two separate visa applications and I just received this email from my visa agent:

      Dear Traveler/Traveler Assistant
      Your documents were received by us on 12/21/2012.
      The Visa application to Russia (Tourist, Double Entry) is estimated to be filed to the consulate on 12/17/2012 and estimated to be collected from the consulate on 12/22/2012.
      The Visa application to Russia (Business 3 Year, Multiple Entry (3 Years)) is estimated to be filed to the consulate on 12/262012 and estimated to be collected from the consulate on 01/18/2013.
      You will receive another email when this request is completed.

  9. I read your articles with interest. When reading the one about the lesbian couple with the sperm donor in the adjacent hotel room (they didn’t go through a donor agency because they wanted to save money) it made me think of a news article that appeared in one of the news sites recently. A lesbian couple in Kansas advertised for a sperm donor on Craigslist. All three parties signed an agreement that eliminated the donor’s liability for raising the child. Sometime after the kid was born, the couple split up and the custodial parent and child went on public assistance. The state insisted that the father be named and Kansas social services has recently begun an action in state court for recovery of the public assistance payments. Because they didn’t go through a licensed agency, he is considered the father and must assume all parental responsibilities. This guy is goonna lose in court and he is gonna get screwed.

    • This is pretty much law in all 50 states and Canada – if the insemination is done at home “do it yourself” style, the man is considered to be a legal parent – all rights and responsibilities attached. I just can’t see taking on the burden of child rearing if you don’t get the benefits (ie, sex and marriage).

      My only recommendation to the men who read this site is this: have a girlfriend for sex – when it is time for marriage, look for a wife, not a girlfriend. And only select marriage if you want children – if not, just have a girlfriend. Our legal system has turned marriage into a LEGAL CONTRACT wherein you agree to give up 1/2 (or more) of everything you own should your woman go postal. If you do decide to have children and have a marriage, choose a woman who wants to be a mother (if you want children) and who will treat you like a man – not some feminazi who will try to emasculate you at every turn. I have found some American women who fit this bill, the only problem is that they weigh more than I do. I am currently dating a beautiful, educated & bright Russian woman & we are making future plans. I can’t think of ANY American woman I’ve EVER dated that can hold a candle to this woman.

      I finished with American women some 7 or 8 years ago and I’ll never look back.

      • Thanks for this site Scott. I spent too many years with a frigid american wife. We split three years ago and the only reason she didnt get 1/2 of everything is because she had money available from her parents. Thank God my kids were all over 18! In spite of all that, I’m still on the hook for a small alimony payment fro a long time. I’m just now discovering the joys of Ukrainian / Russian woman. As long as you act like a man then they will act like the wonderful feminine women they are – all of them! I’ve seen it! I’ve been there once, two women I befriended online have come to visit me here, and I’m going back in April. I can’t wait.

        I agree with you – western women suck – and as soon as American men see what is out there then maybe American women will fall in line. The world is not that big anymore. You are doing a great service. It’s so important that I’m willing to help keep this site alive and growing. You have my email address. Get in touch with me offline if you want and we’ll talk.

        • Don’t expect western women to suddenly “wake up” because a few men decide to go overseas. Most people are lazy & most men are content to chase fat women with bad attitudes because they are either too lazy or just ignorant of the advantages of women outside of the western world. I gave up American women some 8 years ago and I’ve never looked back. If I can sum up why I don’t date American women I’d say two reasons:
          overweight & a rotten sense of self-entitlement that is a result of stinking feminism.

  10. so you finally found your woman. wow, 1 years or less?. i enjoyed the emails you sent me. I’m finally going to start my new job at the va hospital so i will have some extra money to travel this summer. I’m currently on elena’s, first day infact. i got a few responses, and a few not interested responses. I’m like ouch with some of these women. Really, i send a loe, or letter of interest, not looking at all the pictures, and realize that isn’t my type of women, and they are just decent looking. I read your blog and you found 8 to 10 women you like to meet in a week? i guess i need to make a better profile. Some of these women on elenas are expecting yachts, plus they have kids to boot, i guess i’m late to the party for a good women, I make 75k a year, i guess half of what you make, is there a woman for me???????????????

    • Travis, I’ve been to Eastern Europe some 10 times since 2002 – I can’t say that I’ve “made it” in 1 year or less. I signed up to Elenas and found a girlfriend in a month. Maybe I’m lucky, maybe not. I suppose that each Man will have different results based on looks, personality and income. As much as Women tell you that money is not important, see how many Women you get when you work at McDonalds LOL.

  11. I’m enjoying a long weekend because of the July 4th holiday. I just finished watching an episode of Maury – a TV reality show that deals with father/mother issues and paternity? It’s an amazing look into the feminist mindset. There were 7 cases of women accusing men of being the father of their child and refusing to acknowledge or support those children. The mere act of declaring the chosen man the father of the child (by the woman) brought the jeers of disgust and protest from the (mostly female) audience – they immediately convicted the man based solely on the statement of the woman. It turned out that in 4 of the 7 cases, the men were actually NOT the father – established by paternity tests. And in one case where the man actually was the father, and he said he wanted to support and create a relationship with the child, she said that she will not allow it. Unbelievable! I’ve got my third trip to Ukraine scheduled for the end of August and I can’t wait…..

    • Feminism = I want my cake & eat it to & men are pigs even though I’m fat and everyone should give me all I want.

      The more and more that you look at the mentality of Western Women, the more and more disgusting it looks.

  12. I am leaving for Donetsk in September, to meet a woman I’ve been communicating with.

    (1). How much Liquor can one take into Ukraine from overseas Duty free?
    (2) What is the best method of carrying currency to avoid being robbed?
    (3.) Is it better to have a standoffish approach when negotiating prices with
    merchants, taxi drivers, and interpreter services?? Is bargaining with these
    people a survival tool in the Ukraine?
    (4.) Is it necessary for a foreigner to carry their passport wherever they go to
    avoid being harassed by the authorities?
    (5.) Once a GSM phone is activated on a network based out of the Ukraine,
    does the language on the phone stay in English? (based on your experience)

    • I believe it is 2 liters of liquor – not sure, I’d google that – it might be 4, I see a lot of people bringing 4 liters and no one stops them.

      I carry one or two thousand in cash and keep it on me – never seen anyone robbed who wasn’t drunk and walking around in a bad part of town at 2am.

      Watch what the locals pay and try the same, you won’t get it, they know you’re a tourist (especially taxi drivers) and they will try to over charge you – you’ll do better to haggle – but always remember what your time is worth – is it worth a half hour of arguing to save five bucks? Maybe not.

      I NEVER carry my passport out of the hotel. Instead, take a color photocopy of the signature/photo page, fold in half, laminate, and carry that. Or, do as I did and purchase a Passport Card (the kind you use to cross to Mexico or Canada) – I use it all the time for ID when I’m out of the hotel and people don’t recognize my state driver’s license.

      Your phone won’t change unless you change the language – you’ll receive text messages in Russian/Ukrainian telling you that you have this or that much credit – copy and paste to Google Translate to see what it says – the Google Translate app is a MUST HAVE.

      • Before I make my point, I want to mention that I DO NOT in any way, shape or form, condone male violence against women that some of you may have heard of from women you have communicated with in Ukraine other FSU states. Having said that, I can see why some lack of compassion or monogamous behavior is seen amongst men from their countries. Think about it… if you grew up with and were surrounded by hotties everywhere, and most of them were available, maybe you too would start to at least mentally contemplate having multiple women… I say this because I am ever closer to my departure for the Ukraine, and the minute I think I’ve nailed down my selection of a woman…BAM!!! There’s an online wink or a message from a girl with better qualities than the last one… beauty aside… I think the only thing that I’ll keep as a priority is fluency in English… translators are expensive, and you never know if you’re getting scammed. It really is hard to behave like an adult when you feel like a kid in the best candy store in the world…..

        • All of my friends and brothers and cousins look at my Alana and know that I made the right choice. Some of them have commented that they wish they had gone the “Eastern European route” earlier. Some ask a lot of details and one nephew says he wants to learn Russian now. I’ll never look at American woman again.

          • Scott, a few more questions…

            (1). Any good English learning texts or audio recordings that you have heard about or can recommend to take for ladies who need to learn English?? I am learning Russian as much as I can before I leave, but I’m sure I will still make an ass out of myself when I am there.
            (2). Are the wall electrical outlets in Ukraine supposed to be the same as the European two prong, dome, cylindrical style found in the rest of Europe?
            (3). What can I do while I am there or are there any papers I can take with me to jump start the K-1 process?? I know at the very least I should take plenty of photographs of her and I together at the very least, right? What else?

          • Send her some post cards and have her send you some; I’ve heard that some folks don’t take emails seriously as they can be doctored – you can’t really doctor a postage stamp. Yeah, pics together says a lot.

            Russia uses same two circular round plugs like the rest of Europe.

            I recommend sticking with Women who can speak at least SOME English…

  13. Just also wanted to mention that maybe teaching a lady from any FSU country how to drive a car in the US might be something somewhat important since most US cities’ public transportation systems SUCK, just like the women. To this end, I wanted to share that the California DMV has a handbook completely written in Russian, so that maybe the didactic learning can be started before getting her to the US…. I’m going to take one in English too so that I can explain stuff when on the same page… it has illustrations, which makes it easier.

      • Well… it’s great that you’ve got yourself situated with a motor vehicle savvy lady… but I was mainly throwing that information out there for the benefit of the other followers of the blog…. (you did create this blog to also help other guys did you not)?

        As for finding a woman that speaks “SOME” English, yes.. that would be helpful, but keep in mind that most of us do not have the luxury of being able to visit the country multiple times like you did, or have lots of time to sample the merchandise. With that in mind, I am preparing for the worst in terms of communication…. and since it takes 2 to communicate, look at it the other way… the lady has found a man who speaks “SOME” Russian. More power to us…you learn another language, and can more easily learn their culture. We talk about Western Women being lazy in this blog, but if a man goes to another country to find his soulmate, we cannot barge into their country and expect them to immediately adapt to us… that’s being arrogant. It might have to be the other way around. IMHO, It’s the least a man can do, seeing as (in most cases) she is giving up her family and country to spend happily ever after with you. Also, you could communicate with women who might be appealing but otherwise out of reach. Quite frankly, I’m looking forward to making an ass out of myself to test my spoken Russian with the people there… men and women… at least it’ll be an ice breaker if you speak bad Russian and come off as comical. Your nephew has the right idea to learn Russian….

        • good points all around – but I’ll say this again: I don’t think that it is realistic to date a woman who does not speak your language. That leaves you the option to learn Russian – and trust me, its not easy.

          • I disagree. Russian is easier to learn if you have the right tools… Written Russian can take a little more time… but spoken Russian is a little easier to learn.
            Best recommendation: STAY AWAY FROM ROSETTA STONE!!!
            The three methods I’m using: ,,
            and Pimsleur Audio CDs.
            Each method at some point in time reinforces points learned in another method…thus almost hard-wiring it into your brain…
            I know you say you’ve found the ideal woman, but maybe there might be times you need to impress her. Also, how cool is it to converse in another language in front of other people stateside that can’t understand you? VERY COOL…
            You should try one of the methods when you’ve got the bird on autopilot. Wait, maybe in your case better to do it on Terra firma.

          • Thanks for the follow up Jack – I’m learning Russian bit by bit – mostly from tutoring from Alana. She often comments that my pronunciation is near perfect and I have to attribute that to Rosetta Stone. Well, perhaps a bit from Pimsleur – I think the important thing for pronunciation is to speak in Russian OUT LOUD and listen to your own voice compared to the recording – you must mimic the speech you hear and in doing so your pronunciation will be good. I am confident that I’ll be able to be fluent in a few more visits.

  14. Ok… so I know you stress the importance of conversing and meeting women who only speak English… and I think I’m leaving that as an option…
    but consider for a minute if YOU ran into a woman who didn’t speak English, but was in the same or similar profession as yours… do you not think that maybe it will be worth the effort to get her to learn English?? If she already speaks English and has nothing in common with you, except the physical attraction… do you really think it’s worth it in the long run? I know some of the other guys here on the blog have said they spent a “ton” of money on translators… but which smart guy would do that in the age of smartphones that can translate just as well, with dirt cheap wireless and data coverage in Ukraine??
    Speaking basic sentences does not require a great deal of effort based on what I’ve learned so far… reading and writing are a different story…
    So I’m almost two weeks away and feeling jitters… I’m meeting a lady who doesn’t know English, but is in a popular healthcare profession, the same as me… just is case that goes south, I’ve got an English speaking girl on standby who works as a hairdresser…..
    Question : where would be the best place to get your $$ exchanged into the local UAH?? Are there places that give you a better rate of exchange???

    • I’d say to “new” guys who are starting this process – focus on women with a common language. For you, since you’ve already made inroads with a woman – you ‘can’ make it work – it will be harder. In some ways, you may have more advantages: just as a blind person has better tuned smell and feel – it is possible that you will be more emotionally tuned to each other. You can make it work with Google Translate – I’ve done it, but its hard in the end. One of you will ‘eventually’ have to learn the other language. Good luck to you.

  15. We need more people like you in the u.s. Im glad i found this blog. I actually got here by watching videos of Japanese people describing their culture to us westerners and why western men are preferred in Japan and western women are viewed as disgusting and very selfish. I can relate to these things from things i have seen living in the u.s. more specifically NYC. Women here don’t realize how pathetic and low they really are and why divorce rates are sky high when men realize they’re a dime a dozen. Keep going on with your blog. I will keep reading. THANK YOU

    • You’re welcome Chris, I’ll do my part and add blog content as possible, spread the word to your friends and colleagues.

      You’re right, a sizable majority of the marriage-age women is “disgusting” as you describe – when you look at their narcissistic & spoiled behavior.

      I encourage you to check back as you have time – I am watching with great anticipation for Seth’s reports as he makes his first visit(s) to the East.

  16. Well, I’m heading to Ukraine tomorrow once more to meet up with my girl in Dnipropetrovsk. I’m excited this time, since I know she is the one for me and we have made elaborate plans on how to spend our time. One of my friends was like: “Dude, you know the State Department has issued a warning for Americans travelling to Ukraine, don’t die over there”. I told him I didn’t think it was going to get any worse than it already was…. I talk to my girl almost everyday on Skype and she said it is completely calm and quiet in her city. If the airlines are still flying there, then tourists should be ok, plus, who is going there from America to anger Ukrainians or Russians anyway??? Obama and Grandpa Kerry actually made matters worse over there. The minute that fool said “We stand with the Ukrainian people”. I knew he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about…. this hipster president we have played right into Putin’s hands when he supported the opposition party. Instead of recognizing the demographic makeup of the country, he only supported the west side ethnic Ukrainians. Most of the Eastern parts of Ukraine don’t want to be part of Russia, but they definitely want to be more a part of this national government. Perhaps it might be a little easier to get a lady over to the United States at this time given the countrys instability and economic woes…. hmmmmm….
    Anyway, nothing ventured, nothing gained….

  17. Jack, have a great time in Dnepr!!! I love that city and it is probably relatively safe since it’s a little isolated from Donetsk and Crimea. I have been to Ukraine 3 times and if you are up for a drive, take a trip with your devoshka to Svyatagorsk. You can take a hike from the Monestary to the Monument so bring a picnic basket (or backpack ;)) and enjoy the view!!

    While in Dnepr, I stayed at the Hotel Ukraine… very nice hotel and they provide a warm welcome with a request (strawberries, champagne and chocolates). There is a fantastic night club just down the street… small, intimate and good dance music. With you back to hotel entrance, go to the right about 4-6 blocks… you’ll eventually see a security guy at the top of stairs that lead from the sidewalk down to a lower level club. Forgot the name but it was a good time.


  18. So I got back from Ukraine about a week ago…. no bones broken… just a couple of checkpoints, and one military guy getting on the bus, then dismissing us…
    Overall pretty quiet in Dnipropetrovsk, weather was crap for the first week, but afterwards…ladies were outdoors looking sharp as ever… My girlfriend even let me take photos for all my buddies stateside… how cool is that? Not the jealous type at all… (as long as I explained myself properly, that is) I think the biggest issue for me was food…I have a few dietary requirements, and it was not easy to explain it to her mother… who took me in like one of her family and tried to make me eat everything she made… God bless her… one downside to that… since my girlfriend has had everything ready to eat, she is a completely clueless in the kitchen… oh well…she makes up for it and then some in her character… It is probably true that most Slavic women don’t have excessive needs and wants like their western counterparts. Some guys in my neighborhood are of East European descent, but don’t know anything about their heritage. I showed them some pictures of girls from over there and said “What the hell are you waiting for?? Get out there!!!” They had to pick their tongues up off the floor. I mean some of them are dead set on Caucasian European men, but if a South Asian American brown man like me found happiness, of course they could too….

    • Thanks for the trip report. Keep us updated on how things turn out – do you plan to bring her back to your country?

  19. A few words on Visas. ………… If you do find a girl you want to be with and can’t leave your job in the US like me, you will have to do a Marriage Visa or a Fiance’ Visa. If you decide that you want to go this path, I highly recommend the guidebook “Fiance and Marriage Visas: A couples guide to immigration by NOLO, written by Ilona Gray. It is excellent. Try to find the latest edition. Study it very carefully. The difference in definition is that a Marriage Visa – the couple marries overseas, then submits paperwork. A Fiance Visa, the girl comes to the host country and the couple marries within 90 days. The USCIS (US Customs and Immigration Service) is fairly together department, but you need to follow every instruction to the detail and take it very serious. If you send in the forms with blank spots, it will get delayed and you won’t know it. A very important thing to know about this process ahead of time is that you need to save everything that documents your relationship. What the USCIS is looking for is Visa fraud. They want you to demonstrate proof that you are a legitimate couple and not just faking it to get the girl in the country. Things that are important to keep are : emails, Skype logs, Skype calls, phone records, Facebook logs, VK logs, airline tickets, hotel receipts, {{ photos together – preferably (a variety) in different places, situations, times, clothes, etc.}}, anything that builds on the verification of your relationship over time. Any doubt, keep it. Even if you buy her flowers online, keep the receipts. You will need all this someday. It is important to know a lot of information ahead of time and to learn all you can early. Some perfectly matched couples get all screwed up because they didn’t prepare enough. /////// There is an EXCELLENT website for Visa information called It has an amazing amount of information about the Immigration Community from all countries to all countries. Anyone in the system can find out how long the visas take, talk to other couples and find pitfalls ahead of time. There are portals to focus the information search too, for example, Ukraine to USA. I have many friends who gave me awesome advice on many things. There are many US men who have lived in Ukraine and know what to do or not do. There are blogs about everything. It is one awesome website! If you are going to do a Marriage or Fiance Visa, it is the main source for guidance! //// With either Visa, the girl will have to go to Kiev for a medical exam, interview with all the records, receipts, police statement, if she was divorced – that document, if she is widowed – the death certificate, is she has child – the father signing off on it from divorce, all this kind of thing. It is important to go into the interview with overwhelming documentation and very well organized. Most likely, the officers will just ask a few questions and that will be that, but if they sense a weak spot, they will dig and dig. It is better just to have everything perfect (for nothing most likely) haha. Make sure you and the girls stories are lined up about everything too. Don’t be lazy about preparation. I have heard nightmares. If all things are in order, it is almost a sure thing that the Visa will go through. If it does get delayed, rejected, etc, don’t panic, don’t get mad, don’t be demanding. Just let it go, take a break, regroup, resubmit papers later. If you just stick at it, it will work out. The majority of Visas go through without any problems. I am not an expert on this, but fairly knowledgeable. ////////// If there are men out there with questions, feel free to ask. I am on VK, Facebook, or I can have Scott give my email. I am in Vancouver, Washington. I prefer VK. I am glad to help if I can. Dave

  20. I can’t get an email to you guys. The buttons don’t work. I found Elena’s Models because of you. I have been talking to two beautiful older women (47 and 51) (I am 60 but look 50). I want to go meet them and maybe others in Odessa in November. I have traveled to SE Asia on my own 15 times so the trip is not worrisome. What is, is that I am desperate for a wife. I’m divorced 5 years after being continuously paired or married for 35 years. I am so enamored of one woman that I may just spend all my time with her (I only have a week of vacation), blow of the others and ask her to marry me if things go well. Am I crazy? Help!!

    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ll get the emails updated and/or put up a contact page.

      Yes, you may be a little crazy. What man (or woman) who’s in love isn’t a little crazy? What is important is that you step back and really examine what you’re doing and where you’re going. Give yourself a sanity check. Don’t let the little head have control over the credit card.

  21. Good evening my fellow travellers.
    If I may I share a small insignificant detail with you.
    Here in Australia I monitor the time carefully enough to log into the website I use “Russian -Ukrainian Women”, early morning on their weekends and midday, just to observe those I’m interested in who happen to be online at the time.
    I maintain a Log and those who don’t reply to me within a couple of hours of them being online I know are more interested in another “competitor”, which is OK but indicative of their sincerity, or lack of it when they express whatever priority you’re supposed to have in their correspondence that they want you to believe.

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