Who drives better, women or Men?


I am sure that I’ll get a lot of hate mail about this post.

Men are better drivers than women.

In fact, Men are better at most tasks that require physical coordination. Meaning that if you take 100 women and 100 Men and send them all to flight school, the Men will be flying solo long before the women are. A lot of propaganda of late has tried to erase this fact and has replaced it with the idea that women are as good as Men as pilots and race car drivers. Danica is a rare exception, not the norm.

I talked with Alana about this at length and she isn’t shy to say it, “Of course men are moor coordinated drivers, but not better,” and she smiles sarcastically. And she’s right. Men crash more than women but that’s because even though they are more coordinated, they drive faster, take more risks and drive drunk more often. Their natural ability is eclipsed by their aggression.

I’ve had this conversation with dozens of Russians and no one even blinks, “Of course Men are better drivers.” It is refreshing to be in a place where you can speak without the fear of being chastised for the sake of political correctness.

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Russian Cupid review


The dream of every guy is to meet and marry the perfect woman. Dasha, in the photo above, is a Ukrainian Woman who (at least in the looks department) fits the bill as the “perfect woman.” I’ve written extensively about the differences between Eastern European Women and Western women. If you’re new to this site, check out some of the past posts and you’ll see what I’m talking about. In many many ways, the Eastern European Woman much closer fits the bill for what most men envision as their “perfect woman.”

The biggest obstacle that I faced when looking for my dream woman was trying to make first contact. I’ll bet that a vast majority of the Men reading this site can (and will) do just fine talking to a woman over dinner, over a drink or at a cocktail party or out for a walk at the park. Meeting a woman from your town is easy. Meeting a woman from a far away country, especially from a country with another language than yours, can be a daunting endeavor. The first step is meeting a woman. After you meet, the rest is up to you.

In my first few years searching in Ukraine and Russia before I met Alana, I tried a few different agencies and even a tour. I found most be lacking (or outright dishonest) and it was quite frustrating. I have found a few gems out there and Mike brought Cupid Media to my attention. I’ve since been to the website and tried it out and I’m impressed with all that I’ve seen.

I have two buddies that are looking to the East for a wife and both have signed up at Cupid and both have met women on line. One is chatting exclusively with one woman and another is having many “Skype dates.” I’ve received about a half dozen emails from readers that have also used Cupid and I’ve received good reports from all.

I browsed through the ladies profiles for a few hours and I believe thatĀ the profiles I saw were legitimate. The profiles that I saw were on par with other sites that I’ve reviewed and I didn’t see any glaringly obvious “bogus” profiles.

Negotiating through the website I see that Cupid passes my first and most important test: they allow direct contact with the women on the website. The worst type of dating agency is one that requires communication between you and the women you contact to be funneled through the agency. Most websites that limit your contact with the women that you are talking to do so because their ladies profiles are fake or they want to “lead you on” in order to get more sales from you. Bottom line: only select an agency that allows you to take your communication(s) offline.

Cupid gets a pass in the cost category. You can sign up for free, post a profile and photo and see if any of the women on the site have an interest in you. This really is huge and I’m surprised that more men don’t take the opportunity to sign up for a free account. If you sign up and a woman that really catches your eye emails you, why not switch to a paid membership and give her a chat?

If you do decide to switch to a paid membership, the membership fee is in my opinion quite reasonable. A one month membership is $30. If you prepay for 3 months ($60), it is only $20 per month. Considering that a regular “date” with a fat feminist in your own city will set you back at least $80, this price sounds quite reasonable.


Once you decide to pursue a Woman from Eastern Europe you can go to Eastern Europe and find her yourself, go on a tour, meet her through other means (Facebook, etc) or pony up for a dating agency membership. If you decide to use an agency you should considerĀ Russian Cupid.

Good luck in your search and I’m looking forward to your feedback.