Saturday Satire: Hot Russian Women

Russian Woman video

I had a trackback (when someone posts a link to this blog on another website) from another website and when I went to read where the link was I came across this video in their discussion. I thought that it … Continue reading

Celebrating low class values

I have noticed a lot of these types of “funny” saterical “cards” on Facebook, usually posted by some feminist, overweight woman who’s mad at Men or some young woman who think’s its cool to act like she’s on a daytime … Continue reading

Fat Shaming


Another post idea from my Wife Alana; she pulled these photos and emailed them to me as she was a bit shocked at the whole controversy: Meet Maria Kang. She’s had 3 kids in the last 3 1/2 years and … Continue reading

Gentlemen, start your engines!

11 weeks

A few weeks ago, I came home to find that my Wife had cooked a wonderful dinner. She put out the nice dishes and crystal glasses and she even had a bottle of champagne. I suddenly had a sinking feeling, … Continue reading

To all Russian Moms

Russian Mom 1

Recently, my Wife and I were on a road trip and we pulled over at a park near the interstate for a walk to stretch our legs. We saw a group of Moms and their kids feeding ducks near a … Continue reading

Saturday Satire: I just wanted some cream!


This captioned photo of Putin’s girlfriend circulated in Russian circles shortly after their annexation of Crimea. It looks like she is being interrogated in a courtroom and she is saying: “I Swear! I told him I wanted some cream, not … Continue reading

Simple video debunks gender pay gap

Gender Gap busted crop

I usually see a bunch of feminist crap on Facebook about the victimization of women in the West. I recently saw a posting from a cousin of mine that claimed that we lived in a “rape culture,” and that Men … Continue reading

Seth Update: Visa Paperwork Submitted


In between a new boss and a new girl, it’s been a time-intensive last few months.  I’ll see if I can summarize quickly. Since my last report I’ve been to Ukraine 3 more times.  It certainly doesn’t suck to be … Continue reading